8 thoughts on “Some TV Coverage of our Vigil”

  1. Well done. I’ve got faith in these guys (The Police) and truly believe they’ve got a hidden card up their sleeves. True, that Fidel cap was absolutely disgusting but I can’t help but wonder as to whether or not it was put up for sale by an ignorant employee working for the band. I wonder if Sting and the gang even knew they were selling this crap.
    Cheers and well done, guys!

  2. Sting, Andrew Summers, and the Police have reached mid-life without outgrowing being phonies and hypocrites. Henry Gomez personally told Summers of human rights violations in Cuba and asked him to pass his concern to the band. The Police can no longer claim to have made a youthful error for their faux pas when they perform in Cuba. I recall that when John Lennon stated that the Beatles were more popular that Jesus Christ, there were public demonstrations in which thousands of Beatles records and memorabilia were destroyed. After the Police perform for the Cuban dictatorship and fail to denounce the human rights situation in Cuba, a similar public protest should be made, inviting the exile community to trash their Police CDs and memorabilia. I will bring a poster of the Police to dance the Cueca on their faces.

  3. Nice TV coverage. In contrast, the Miami Herald once again employs selective journalism to omit important, rational, human-interest stories like this one about Cuban exile community. Where were the Herald reporters covering the exile beat? Most likely at Tinta y Cafe with Mr. Ed in the corral.

  4. Mr. Concepcion, you are not funny. Your subterfuge is obvious when referring to Miami Herald writer Ana Menendez as Mr. Ed because of her similar facial features and the corral to keep her in is Oscar Corral. A child could see thru that. And Mr. Gomez, the Herald should start a blog called Conductor Watch to keep you on track. Delacova is not funny either. Only Chileans dance the Cueca and he is apparently mocking Sting’s sentimental song THEY DANCE ALONE. No wonder Castro got rid of all you people. He should not have to put up with such humiliation.

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