Tocororo Libre – R.I.P.

Killcastro is reporting that long time reader and commenter Tocororo Libre is dead at the age of 33.
Here’s a comment he made to a post back in September of 2005:

Val we are so bless that we where able to get out of that hell hole called Cuba.
Few of the millions that are still enduring the excruciating pain of slavery.
I remember with a sweet and sour feeling the day that plane took to the sky and
Me with tears in my eyes a was finally realizing that I was breaking away from the oppression that torture my life for so many years.
I said good bye to my beloved island not knowing when I was going to able to walk again
Under that sunshine that gave me life
I’m still waiting for that day to come buy
A big thank you to Uncle Sam for giving the opportunity to be free.

Rest easy, Tocororo. Rest easy.
H/T: Abajo Fidel

6 thoughts on “Tocororo Libre – R.I.P.”

  1. This is awful news, I considered him a good friend, and offer my deepest symphathy to his family and friends. He was a great person, a lover of fish, and all life and a great Cuban patriot. May he rest in peace. I’m a devastated hearing this.

  2. En memoria de Tocororo tratemos de enfocarnos en la meta final denunciar hasta mas no poder al regimen que nos oprime. Las diferencias de estilos y los ataques entre blogeros debe cesar por completo ya.

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