6 thoughts on “Michael Moore flips out”

  1. Just saw the video, yep, Michael Moore flipped. And of course, he doesn’t answer questions, instead he changes the topic and starts talking about how unfair the media was to his documentary 9/11, etc..!
    I just wish that Wolf Blitzer had been tougher on that repulsive bag-of-wind. You know that these MSM types can get pretty tough on those perceived to be conservatives, yet Blitzer just let Moore vent and vent.

  2. It is beyond sad, beyond appalling, beyond disgraceful that someone like Moore would ever be taken anywhere near as seriously as he has been. I’m not even talking about the Cuba part of it; I mean in general. To me, this is a minor variant of Hugo Chavez ever getting elected in Venezuela (or anywhere else). How can so many people be so completely out to lunch? Is it really stupidity and ignorance, or perversity?

  3. The next evening Larry King had Gupta and Moore on to have them make amends, http://youtube.com/watch?v=EjvlGRfozss . It’s amazing how thin skinned the docuSPINtarist Moore turns out to be when challenged with some elementary fact checking. Fontova would make minced meat out of the guy, but of course the guy’s to chicken to even appear on Fox news, let alone face Fontava.

  4. Asombra,
    It’s complicity. The MSM and Hollywood has an agenda and Michael Moore in his movies and his boorish antics crystallizes what they daily push down our throats. In other words, he is one of them, so they promote him.

  5. What I particularly enjoyed was Moore’s straw man tactic of bringing up the war instead of answering the points brought up by Dr. Gupta. Frankly, I’d believe a respected neurosurgeon over Moore any day. Moore can’t answer a single point that’s brought up–he just changes the subject. I also loved how Moore was totally shut down on the “I haven’t seen you in 3 years.” That’s true, when you refuse invitations, you don’t get on the show.
    He’s also very ignorant of economy and the entire system of medical care. If doctors don’t make profits, why on earth would they rack of the bills necessary to fund years of extra school? Or take the risks necessary to be medical care providers? And how can anyone fund the billions of dollars necessary to research a single pharmaceutical product? I agree with Asombra: it is disgraceful that Moore is taken seriously.

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