“The voice of one crying in the wilderness…”

When our erstwhile Attorney General (and child-kidnapper) Janet Reno started in on the tobacco companies in the 90s I warned everyone that that was just the beginning of a major trend to control behavior by confiscatory taxation. Not that they actually wanted us to stop. mind you, they just wanted to extort money from us. I warned everyone about liberalism and how it just won’t stop until it controls every aspect of your life. Nobody listened.
I can’t tell you how many times I heard “George, George, cigarettes are bad for you! Maybe it’s good that the government is doing it to help people quit” or a some other variation.
Bullshit, I said.
Here is one of their latest attempts, this time in Britain: “‘Fat tax’ could save 3,200 lives each year”

The purchase tax is already levied on a small number of products such as potato crisps, ice cream, confectionery and chocolate biscuits, but most food is exempt.
The move could save an estimated 3,200 lives in Britain each year, according to the study in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
“A well-designed and carefully-targeted fat tax could be a useful tool for reducing the burden of food-related disease,” the study concluded.
The team from Oxford’s Department of Public Health said higher taxes have already been imposed on cigarettes and alcohol to encourage healthy living.

Read this while I grab a bag of Cape Cod potato chips — before they’re outlawed…

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  1. I missed the memo that states that elected government officials are oracles or mediums!!
    Why are people around the world acceptng governments that control every aspect of their lives??? Who are these elected officials to tell you what you should or should not think, eat, or say???

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