We interrupt this program for this urgent Babalu Public Service Announcement:

Hi! I am also a Cuban growing up in Cali. I am located in Santa Rosa, California and will be celebrating my 28th birthday Cuban-Style by roasting a 80 pound pig. Because I live in Northern Cali, I am having a big problem finding La Caja China for rent and the party is only a week away! Can anyone offer help? I am thinking of just renting a big bbq like this: , but I just feel like it wont be the same! Does anyone live around here that would be willing to rent their La Caja China to me?

If there’s a lechonero up there near Santa Rosa that can help a fellow cubiche down on his or her luck out, let us know.
We now return you to your regular commie bashing….

5 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN!”

  1. “We now return you to your regular commie bashing”
    Oye Val, tengo hambre y poco dinero…
    No sabes de un buen communist pig que este available por alla en Miami para echarlo en una caja china de esas
    sabes de alguien? el nombre

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