What about castro’s foreign currency?

What a lying hypocrite the Cuban ghoul is, saying increased foreign currency in the communist island country is creating inequalities. He’s sold the island to Canada, Spain, China, Venezuela, etc., and according to Forbes, his personal wealth is estimated at about $150 million in “foreign” currency. You can bet theres no ration card in his pocket. He doesn’t care about the welfare of the Cuban people. The murderous thug isn’t happy unless all Cubans are equally poor and miserable, and easy to control.
As George noted below, Betty Williams received a standing ovation for expressing her desire to kill Bush “non-violently”. Since it is now acceptable to express ones opinion about the health of world leaders, I wish the castro brothers would die, right now, pain and violence welcome.
I am so sick of the MSM fawning over this piece of excrement.

3 thoughts on “What about castro’s foreign currency?”

  1. Besides the selling off of Cuba to the countries you mentioned in exchange for debt relief, you have the SAs, and these, along with other regime decisions have created the inequalities. It’s a real shame that the Cuban people don’t know who really owns those sociedades anonimas–the party and military elite, who get to keep the profits.
    He is such an SOB. Just die already.

  2. Ahhh, so glad you posted this – when I first read coverage of Castro’s “inequalities” statement, I nearly rolled off my chair in laughter. Considering the fact that fidel is the creator of all of Cuba’s inequalities, he’s got a lot of balls . . .

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