Ebay vendors profit from Cuban blood

Ebay vendors are selling el che dolls and finger puppets.
According to the dictionary a doll is:

1. child´s toy in the shape of a person or baby
2. a woman or girl who is pleasant to look at and described in that sense
3. a nice or helpful person

Based on the above definition, I have to say that there are some very questionable dolls out there. Elvis comes to mind…. but che? Intolerable.
A mass murderer’s image has no place in a children’s toy box, and I cannot imagine that anyone would consider an individual who enjoyed the summery execution of hundreds of innocent men, women, and children, as “nice”. As Cubawatch points out, there are no Pinochet, Hitler, Charles Manson, or Stalin dolls for sale.
Ebay’s policy states:
“Sellers may not list items that promote or glorify hatred, violence, racial or religious intolerance, or items that promote organizations with such views.”
Cubanazos and Cubawatch have contacted the people at Ebay requesting that they remove the offensive items.
If you would like to help them, Ebay’s contact information is here.
Thanks to Freedom4cuba, here are phone numbers: 1-800-322-9266 and 1-888-749-3229

8 thoughts on “Ebay vendors profit from Cuban blood”

  1. Is e-mail the only way to get to these folks? It would be great to have phone numbers to give on the air on Radio Mambi tomorrow. They will get the same treatment that the AT&T folks got. If anyone can get them, PLEASE POST THEM!

  2. Jewbana, Here you go: 1-800-322-9266 and 1-888-749-3229. I got them from this website: http://www.ebayphonenumber.net/. I called the number’s and they are eBay’s. We have to put an end to this one company at a time. I posted all of this info in my blog to spread the awareness. Also, we can not let “Tar-che” to get off so easily. On July, 8, I did a post on Target selling che DVD’s (http://workingtowardsafreecuba.blogspot.com/2007/07/didnt-target-learn-first-time_08.html). We had a problem with them selling che CD cases about a year ago. They were removed. We have to demand that they stop selling the DVD’s also. Mention “Tar-che” when you call Radio Mambi tomorrow. Their contact info is in the link above. We will SUCCEED one company at a time !!

  3. Freedom,
    You’re da bomb baby! Those numbers will be broadcast on the air on Radio Mambi ALL DAY tomorrow and EVERY DAY UNTIL THEY TAKE THIS MURDERER SOB DOWN AND ASK FOR AN APOLOGY! I have an interview with Ninoska tomorrow and THIS IS THE SUBJECT!

  4. Friends, I knew you would be on this, you inspire me. You don´t see Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot marketed, because it is not acceptable. We are going to make the marketing of those island butchers unacceptable. We are not going to put up with it anymore. You are right, one at a time, Ya no mas!

  5. Jewbana,
    Shoot me an email at freedom4cuba@gmail.com. I will also e-mail Ninoska on this. I have emailed her a lot in the past on other issues.
    Thanks to you and every blog that supports the removal of che merchanidse. As I said already, the slogan is “One Company At A Time” !!!!

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