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  1. Henry,
    PLEASE, email this to Ninoska. She’ll get a kick out of it for sure. El tipo se las trae! Tremendo!

  2. The celebrities in question are ignorant, all right, sometimes aggressively so (like Michael Moore, for whom ignorance is a necessity, since true enlightenment would destroy his enterprise). However, it’s more than ignorance.
    These people are deluded, spoiled and deeply shallow. They are far more about image than substance, and they feel compelled to be fashionable or trendy. They have a very distorted view of themselves and their place in the scheme of things, living in an unreal, artificial world surrounded by sycophants and operators.
    The problem is further exacerbated by the pitiful fools who run after the celebrity drivel in those magazines at the supermarket checkout counter. The stuff would be funny if it wasn’t so pervasive and so entrenched in our society. The fact is that people like Cameron Diaz and the rest of the lot are quite superfluous. They’re dispensable frills at best, yet they’re treated like gods, and, predictably enough, they tend to act and think as if they were.

  3. They’re dispensable frills at best…
    Man, you hit the nail on the head with that one. I cant imagine a more perfect description of the Hollywood set.

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