Al Gore, High Protector of Gaia! (UPDATE)

Update, 7/19/2007: It seems that Algore et famille did not have Chilean Sea Bass, the “endangered” species he had been accused of eating. His (and the restaurant’s) tortured explanations are here. In other news, if any of you eat meat, you are worse than drivers polluting the air. I think I’ll go to a drive-through to buy a double cheeseburger…

* * *

Unless, of course, that part of the “environment” is being served at his daughter’s wedding

6 thoughts on “Al Gore, High Protector of Gaia! (UPDATE)”

  1. Al Gore’s middle name is (or should be) Smarmy. It’s chilling to think he might have been president. He’s a piece of work, all right.

  2. George,
    You picked a bad week to be a Republican to call a Democrat a hyprocrite, what with “Family Values” Republican Senator David Vitter being discovered on a DC Madams’ phone list.
    Mr. Vittor said that Bill Clinton was “morally unfit to lead”.
    Mrs. Vittor said that if her husband did waht Bill Clinton did that she would be like Lorena Bobbit.
    Makes what Gore did sound like another fish story.

  3. Jack, liberals are hypocrites. Zell Miller is a Dem and I’d vote for him in a second, a Harry Truman Democrat. Algore is another story altogether. He lives in a fucking mansion in Belle Meade, Tennessee and he wants us to cut back to save Gaia. Fuck him, fuck the liberals who want to tax my cigars, fuck the cigarette tax, and the fuck NYC Mayor Bloomberg. (I threw in that last one ’cause I wanted to. He’s a BIG liberal too, despite the party he used to belong to.)
    As for Vitter, he’s a hypocrite and a major dumbass for doing what he did; his wife is one too for saying what she did. Satisfied that I’m fair?

  4. I chuckle every time you write “gaia” and algore in the same sentence. In Brasil, a “gaia” is slang for you wife (or husband, boyfriend, whatever) cheating on you. “Le metio gaia” means they cheated on you.

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