Alice Walker’s twisted mind

I’ve been trying to figure out how looney leftists come to believe what they do, because there is no logic to their twisted view of the world. For instance, how with all the evidence of fidel castro’s human rights abuses, and crimes against humanity, could anyone make the following statement about fidel castro:

“What’s not to like about the man? If Fidel could dance, he’d be perfect!”

Typical of her political brethren, she is supposedly a staunch opponent of the death penalty, but is silent on the topic of summary executions of Cubans by the castro regime. Meanwhile, she embraces killers convicted in a proper court of law:

A staunch opponent of the death penalty, Walker supports amnesty for Assata Shakur, a former Black Panther and Black Liberation Army leader who was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in a maximum-security prison for her role in a 1973 shootout that left a state patrolman dead. Shakur escaped from prison in 1979 and lived underground until 1986, when she was granted political asylum in Cuba, where she has lived ever since. Says Walker: “I take her [Shakur’s] word that she didn’t kill the man. Cuba permitted her to have a life, but she is still unable to be with her family and friends. To put a bounty on her head is evil. Assata Shakur is a great human being. She should be left in peace and happiness. Any attempt to make her suffer is utterly demonic.”
On at least two occasions, Walker has visited the convicted cop-killer Mumia Abu-Jamal in prison, describing him as “just beautiful. He is a beautiful person. He is intelligent. He is compassionate. He has a lot of light. He reminds me of Nelson Mandela.” “I don’t have any doubt that Mumia was framed,” says Walker. “None. In fact, what I think happened is that he was actually trying to help Faulkner [the policeman who was murdered].”
Over the years, Walker has made campaign contributions to leftist political candidates like Senator Barbara Boxer, Senate candidate and Global Exchange leader Medea Benjamin, and Congressional Representatives Barbara Lee, Dennis Kucinich, and Ron Dellums.
One of Walker’s pet causes is her campaign to make Hawaii a country rather than a state. “People should know that Hawaii is a country and should be respected as such,” she says . “Because it was forcibly annexed to the United States does not mean that it is the U.S., except by conquest.”

Read the whole disturbing thing, including her prescription for dealing with bin Laden, here. Apparently, all he needs is love.

5 thoughts on “Alice Walker’s twisted mind”

  1. Simple answer to your question, Ziva – Miss Walker believes Fidel to be perfect due to an inherent, virulent form of bigotry towards Latin Americans, in particular, Cuba. Now, as to why she holds these prejudices, I haven’t the foggiest idea.
    She supports the brutal repression of our family members, ergo – she harbors some sort of hatred towards them. Black and white in my mind.

  2. As the daughter and the granddaughter of former Philly cops, Alice Walker’s ludicrous stance on Mumia Abu Jamal makes me sick. The man was convicted, yet has not been executed yet. He has enjoyed 26 additional years of life, while Officer Danny Faulkner’s family did not even get to say good bye to him. His celebrity endorsers were offered the opportunity to read the transcripts of the trial and Ed Asner, at the time the biggest mouth of them all, declined this chance, yet continued his protest against Abu Jamal’s death sentence.

  3. Claudia, I know what you mean, I can no longer separate the “artist” from their work. I just cannot stand to watch them, I don’t care how critically acclaimed they are. They make my stomach turn. I do not buy rotten goods, so why watch those spoiled, rotted performers. Unfortunately, that list keeps growing.

  4. I refuse to watch a Susan Sarandon movie (no loss there, actually). The Beastie Boys, Backstreet Boys and sadly, even Sting, have come out in support of this piece of garbage. How Sting could support sustaining the life of Abu Jamal but not denounce the human rights abuses and murders in Cuba is beyond me.

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