Wanted: Latin-American Culture Experts

Folks, I think we may have an opportunity to help our fine men and women in the military and do our part to serve the United States.
The United States Southern Command based in Miami is embarking on an effort to “immerse” its staff on Latin American and Caribbean culture. As part of this endeavor, films such as The Lost City are being shown to the staff. Call me a skeptic, but how exactly can The Lost City, a fine movie mind you, serve to educate people on the details of current Latin American culture and relations? Perhaps some of you can fill me in. Nevertheless, Andy Garcia’s movie is a far less dubious selection than another movie shown to the troops – The Motorcycle Diaries.
Near the end of the Miami Herald article, there is a mention of “a panel presiding over a group discussion that was off-limits to The Miami Herald, to encourage candor about Cuban politics, a sensitive South Florida topic.” Hmmm. Interesting to say the least.
This is where we can step in, compañeros/as. Many of Babalu’s contributors and readers are based literally just a few miles from SOUTHCOM HQ. How about a little seminar of our own to help our troops understand Cuban issues?