6 thoughts on “Merci, mes amis.”

  1. Wow, it brings tears to my eyes, hopefully one day we will do the same, standing on the beaches of our beloved island. God bless the USA

  2. Vedado,
    what aren’t we going to forge? The forty seven yeas that the US had being ignoring us? The brave patriots that this country abandoned in the Bay of pig?, Elian? Or perhaps the wed/dry foot policy or the fact that every time a Cuban patriot try to organize some kind of armed action again the tyrant end up in US jail . Maybe we will never forgive them.

  3. Vic, this country may not be perfect but a least is the only country that has received us with open arms. Yes they are a lot of things that I do not like about the policies but a least it has given us a home.

  4. Vedado,
    You are correct on the things that we, as refugees, have received from our hard work in the US that nowhere else can be found. You will be also correct if you mention the liberties that we enjoy as citizen of this country. But our beloved island, unlike France that was liberated by brave American soldiers, has very litter to be grateful to the US that had done almost nothing to liberate our country or help those who had done tremendous sacrifices toward that endeavor. Too bad that we are not oil rich like Irak.

  5. Vic, we may not have oil like Iraq has, but I think this country or any other country in the region will be really pleased to see Cuba free, remember our biggest resource is ourselves. Do the math and see if any country on the Caribbean or Latin America will benefit from a free Cuba?. But the main point is that we can’t wait for anyone to give us freedom, and is nobody’s fault but our own that Cuba is what it is today.
    Blame our parents for being to stupid to let the Revolution take place, and blame us for fleeing instead of fighting for the freedom of our beloved country.

  6. Vedado,
    I don’t thing that many countries in the region will be pleased to see a free Cuba; they will have then a very strong competition in many aspect that they are now the only benefactors. As to our people, yes they probably are our biggest resource and that is why the US doesn’t want to have a mass reversed migration back to Cuba. Some local economies in the US can suffer from our island freedom. As to the big US corporation they are doing good business now with the bastard so why change something good.
    Now if as you mention; we can’t wait for anyone to give us freedom, then there is no reason for our countrymen back in our island to be grateful to the US as the people of France should be, and some time they aren’t.
    As to blaming our parent for the mess our country is today. Let remember that was the US the one that pushed Castro to power when they refused to help Batista. And all US media side with the rebels.

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