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  1. I will not spend another dollar on anything that the E$chefan$ sell as I think their actions on the santana matter have shown a total disdain for the memory of the many brave Cubans who were murdered by che.

  2. Carlos Santana is in the video? It’s one thing to have him be on the album as a guitarist, as a side man; it’s quite another for him to be on a video. This is a slap in the face to the Cuban-American community and an insult to the family members of every victim che killed or had killed.
    So now what? “Cuban” icon Gloria has allowed this che-loving piece of shit him to be featured in the video — from an album that is ostensibly a paean to Cuba. All she has accomplished is to vindicate Santana and his pals for their ignorant idolatry of a murderer, and alienate her fan base. I won’t spend a dollar on their album and I will certainly urge everybody I know not to buy the album. If they care more about money than doing what is right, then they’ll surely reap the whirlwind.

  3. They put Santana in the video? Evidently, the earlier negative uproar over the Santana inclusion (of which the Estefans are perfectly aware) didn’t make much of a difference, did it? They might as well be giving those who objected the finger. Ah, well, I suppose business is business.
    I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised. Once they crossed the line and decided to use Santana, which they knew was problematic, it makes sense that they’d milk him for all he’s worth. Otherwise, why take the risk? We’re talking brand-name and a certain kind of “credibility” or “prestige” element, which obviously trumped respecting the sensibilities of the bulk of the Cuban community.
    Just another day in the entertainment industry.

  4. I saw this video a few weeks ago and I almost got sick- not only did the Estefans include Santana in the 90 millas album, they thumbed their noses to the those who expressed their dissatisfaction with his inclusion BY RELEASING THE SONG HE COLLABORATED ON AS THE VERY FIRST SINGLE!!! I feel like they did it to spite those of us who wrote to them and or called them on it, as if to say “You can’t tell us what to do- we’re the Estefans.”

  5. I don’t think they did it to spite us, exactly, but that’s what it amounts to, and they obviously feel they can get away with it.
    As I see it, this is pretty simple: The Santana brand happens to carry a lot more weight than the Estefan brand. The Estefans know this and want their brand to be positioned more highly. Associating with Santana professionally, appearing as his colleagues and peers, could be a way to acquire more cachet and higher status, not to mention bigger sales. In a sense, it’s like social climbing. It still reeks, but there’s a certain logic to it.
    As I said, business is business…and ego is ego.

  6. Again, in my opinion, using Santana on this particular album was a known and calculated risk, which was taken because the potential payoff was deemed sufficiently rich to justify that risk. Whether or not it pays off remains to be seen, but I don’t think using Santana was a careless oversight or innocent miscalculation. I don’t doubt there’s hubris involved also, but I see this first and foremost as a career and business move.

  7. I would like nothing more than to see pathetic record sales for this album, and for their big “gamble” with Santana to have cost them, not made them money. I don’t know how they can be in the same room with him, knowing he is so unapologetic about his admiration of che, let alone want to work with him. Are they that desperate to increase their cachet?

  8. Want to know what really happened? Santana is an idiot that nobody takes seriously (including the Estefans) when it comes to politics. They saw his wearing of the Che shirt as another idiotic thing that an idiot would do. They didn’t make anything of it beyond typical idiot Santana behavior. But he’s their friend and so they just sloughed it off. They didn’t think that other people (their fans) might think differently about the whole situation. Once they invited the guy and cut the track it was too late. They did an idiotic thing by allowing that idiot to play his idiotic guitar on that (now) idiotic album.

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