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  1. It’s been one year since old Fidel has been seen in public (and not simply some staged photo ops that make one wish for reruns of Weekend at Bernies). The AP is practically drooling as they write this:

    When Fidel Castro last appeared in public one year ago Thursday, he enthusiastically led about 100,000 Communist Party faithful in celebrating the audacious attack on an army barracks that launched his revolution.
    These days, the convalescing 80-year-old seems to be in vigilant semiretirement.
    He tracks government affairs and writes essays from an undisclosed location, apparently in no rush to resume the hectic lifestyle he blamed for his ailment. He can spend hours watching the Pan American games on television, writing last week that he is so engrossed that he forgets to eat and take his medicine.

    Forgets to eat and take his meds? Heh.

  2. 1. Anyone know of a good ‘domino cubano’ site? Google didn’t give me what I had in mind.
    2. Cuban athletes are defecting. 5 (including coach/ memebers of the delegation) have done so here in Brasil during the Pan Am games. And over the summer 2 soccer players fled the team during the Gold Cup. The dollar is to blame. There is an open letter from fifo that is pretty funny. There is even a ‘mafia’ in Germany dedicated to ‘brainwashing’ Cuban boxers into defecting.

  3. Claudia
    The really interesting story there is that Cuba “officially”, through diplomatic channels, asked the Federal Police in Brasil to look for the athletes, which they feared were ‘kidnapped’ by the Miami Mafia. The police told them that there was no evidence to suggest that. The athletes were here in Brasil legally, and could do/ come and go whatever/ whenever they pleased.

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