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  1. Will miracles never cease!!?? A non-Cuban who actually gets it.
    By the way, I emailed Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart a couple of days ago asking where he stood on the wet/foot-dry/foot issue; what he had done, if anything, to convience Bush to abrogate it; and what he intended to do in the future about it. I have received ABSOLUTE SILENCE in response.
    Does anyone know where “our” Cuban-American representatives in Congress and the Senate stand on this issues, and what ANY of them have done to abolish this immoral and inhumane policy? I think the answer is they have done NOTHING. But, I would appreciate any available information about any efforts of which I am not aware.

  2. LG,
    IMHO, I believe our congressmen have abstained from the wet foot/dry foot issue because, pragmatically and logically speaking, the Cuban-American community would probably not like the results.

  3. For me, this sums it up perfectly.
    “…were it not for decades of betrayal by the U.S. government, Cuba would probably be free of fidel castro today, and we would not have to worry about Cuban immigration, since the island nation would have continued to be the most prosperous nation in all of Latin America. With our government having delivered Cuba to the communists on a silver platter, it is the least we can do is to provide safe haven for the victims of our foreign policy.”

  4. Yikes! The John Birch Society? Are you kidding?We don’t need wacko allies to promote Cuban freedom. We need allies who believe in freedom and true democracy, not despicable bigots.

  5. Mamey, give me references for your “despicable bigots” comments. The article I read was very measured and fair. No display of bigotry there.

  6. George: I appreciate your civilized response. Now then, if some other extreme outfit wrote what appeared to be a very measured and fair article regarding Cuba would you embrace it without taking a closer look at the organization?
    Personal anecdote: Years ago a family member in northern Idaho became enamored of the John Birch Society because of its fervent anti-communism. The Birchers were happy to parade him around to their meetings all over the Northwest. One day he discovered what they were saying about him behind his back: “useful idiot” (tonto util). As a show pony for their crusade and fund-raising he was fine, but in reality they didn’t care about Cuba or Cubans.
    The notion of “useful idiots” is widely, and erroneously, attributed to Lenin. It was actually made up by the Nazi propaganda machine (Herr Goebbels himself). Still, the deceit took hold. The point here is the practice of deceit. One does not publish it, one carries it out. Birchers are by nature as deceitful as the two major scourges of the 20th century–fascists and communists.
    Perhaps it may interest you that the Birchers eventually labeled President Ronald Reagan a “useful idiot”–not for the same reason as my relative in Idaho, but because Reagan had wisely distanced himself from the John Birch Society and had negotiated some treaty with the Soviet Union. Don’t take my word…do your own homework.

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