Another dissection of Sicko

Superb piece in FrontPage Magazine today. Here’s an excerpt:

Revealingly, the most damning indictment of the program comes from the participating doctors. While the Cuban government’s fellow travelers like to see these doctors as humanitarians going forth to spread the blessings of universal healthcare, many take part for a very different reason: they seek any available way out of Cuba. This April, for instance, the prominent UK medical journal, The Lancet, published an instructive article on the 14,000 Cuban doctors stationed in Venezuela. Hundreds of these doctors have used the opportunity of arriving in a new country to flee to neighboring Colombia, where they seek temporary asylum while waiting on a slim chance to immigrate to the United States. “I didn’t arrive in Venezuela to work; I arrived and deserted right away,” one typical Cuban doctor told the journal.

There’s more. Read on!