3 thoughts on “What’s next? Bacon cheeseburgers?”

  1. mmmmmmm bacon cheese burgers…
    anyways, i guess im not the only person who opens up drudge first thing in the morning, those two items caught my eye as well..
    george, i have no problem with disneys decision, they have every right to decide what does and does not go into films they are making, much like the german airline has a right to cater to smokers.. its how they “apply” their decisions that bugs me.. if you were to open a film company and say you would only make films that do not show abortion, or even violence, that would probably cause a stir..
    this line in the wirline article sums up markets pretty well:
    Whether there are enough fliers willing to pay for the privilege of smoking in the skies remains to be seen.
    btw there are a handful of actors who will ask for rewrites do exclude their character from smoking.. i know ed norton asked for his role in ’rounders’ to be rewritten as a non-smoker, but for some reason left his role in ‘fightclub’ as a smoker.. jane fonda almost left her role in ‘agnes of God’ for the same reason..

  2. Actually, I’d have to say that Disney is at least being consistant with it’s image as the “family-friendly” branch of Walt Disney Corporation. Where I have the problem is with them wanting to ban it in the other two branches of film production. And good luck with trying to ban it in the Miramax films. (Of course, I think we should be more nervous about the Zogby poll taken last fall that said that 45% of all American adults would like to see all tobacco use, cultivation, and production banned and criminalised on the federal level within the next 5-10 years, said percentage going up to 51 percent for evangelical Christians, and 58 percent for people 18-29.)

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