6 thoughts on “Couldnt have happened to a nicer guy…”

  1. michael moore says he has been subpoened by the Bush admisitration. It is pure bullshit spin. He has not been subpoened by anything but the law, the rule of law. And he will be given a fair hearing too. Unlike countless Cubans that languish in the castro brother’s prisons.

  2. This porcine provocateur, who traffics in PC sensationalism because it’s the only thing he can possibly sell, pushed the envelope with his Cuba stunt for obvious reasons.
    No. 1, guaranteed attention, notoriety and pseudorelevance, as in “Yes, I AM an important player at the highest level, even though I’m physically repulsive.”
    No. 2, arrogance and the conviction of being “untouchable” as a certified celebrity of the far left (which is not, sadly, an unfounded assumption).
    No. 3, hatred of “those Cubans” in Florida who put Bush in the White House, the same Bush his best efforts could not derail.
    I’m afraid this subpoena business could still turn out to his advantage, and he will certainly play the persecuted martyr card (Gee, that seems to be such a popular card, too, especially among certain Herald hirelings).
    If this guy took one twentieth the effort he’s making to screw Cubans and used it to improve his personal physical shape, he’d be one hell of a lot better off. Of course, that doesn’t get you massive media attention or an invitation to the Democratic National Convention, so Porky won’t go for it.

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