5 points for freedom

One of the best outcomes of our latest BUCL campaign was the relationship we as an organization established with Unidad Cubana. Unidad Cubana is an umbrella group of exile organizations that are working toward Cuban freedom.
One of the big and unfounded criticisms of the exile community is that they don’t work with Cubans on the island to try to bring about change. Obviously there are barriers but it’s happening. Unfortunately instead of covering things like that our local newspaper would rather sell scandal and controversy.
One of the best kept secrets (thanks to this news blackout experienced by the exile community) is that a common ground has been agreed to by the leading exile groups and the Assembly to Promote a Civil Society in Cuba. That common ground was established around these 5 basic points on August 10th of last year:

1. Freedom of political prisoners, without conditions and the cessation of harassment to the internal opposition.
2. The formation of a transitional government that will allow democracy in Cuba,
implying respect for human rights and individual freedoms such as freedom of expression, religion, organization, and the right to peaceful demonstrations, among others.
3. The formation of an Assembly or constituent Congress that will allow the introduction of a new Constitution by general vote and the adoption of the Constitution of 1940 during the transition.
4. Recognition of political parties and organizations of the Civil Society. To make a transitory law for elections, that will allow free elections in a short period of time, and at the same time will guarantee the participation of the entire Cuban nation.
5. To re-establish the law and restore order against arbitrary decisions. To take into account the aspiration of a new government in a republic that promotes unity and the well being of all its citizens.

Honestly I don’t see how anyone can consider themselves a democrat if they disagree with any of these points. All of you who read this blog and care about Cuban liberty should become familiar with these points and post them on your blogs, web site, myspace pages and/or distribute them via email. These 5 points are not extraordinary. They are the building blocks for a free and democratic Cuba.

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  1. Mr. Gomez: You will recall that the last time I saw you at the Cuban political debate, you insisted that I respond to your question if Castro was a dictator or not. Well, I still refuse to answer the question. Our Center for Cubanologo Studies at FIU has recognized that Cuban is a constitutional government and the people are happy there.

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