2 thoughts on “Wet foot/dry foot?”

  1. The woman who wrote that there is no difference between Mexicans and Cubans is totally miseducated as to the punishment the governments give to their repatriated citizens.
    It is true that Cubans lose the meal card, “La Libreta” for one (1) year and cant get food from the gov. The many of them are placed in jail or work camps in the 110 degree sun!
    Mexicans have thier Country’s Embassy issuing them IDs here, advocating on their behalf, issuing state issued guides how to get into the USA, and actually encourages the border crossers where to enter the US safely.
    The Mexican army tells the Coyotes where the US Border patrol is for their safety when the Cuban Gov guns down innocent families with toddlers on board just because they want to travel to the US.
    So many Citizens here buy the lie and just because “Cubans” vote Republican (unless your the Estephans) in their mind it is ok to whitewash the truth since we are opposite in the political pursuasion.
    I have two English words for that blogger who said there was no difference between cubans and Mexicans………..hard to translate but I am sure she will get it……”SHIT EATER!”

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