From Cuba’s Rumor Mill

Rumor has it that the rumored to have homosexual tendencies interim President of Cuba raul castro will finally rid himself of those dated, nasty green army fatigues and unveil a new uniform more in line with the times and his own persona, and just in time for the Queers to Cuba Tour:


Sources on the island close to the interim president report that raul’s only concerns were bringing a new meaning to the phrase maricon de playa and whether or not the new look made him look fat.
Hat tip Alfredo for the Cuba trip link, Anatasio for the photshop work and SondraK for finding that smashingly fabulous thailor thuit.

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  1. my sources tell me that a group of pingueros se estan preparando por el malecon para recibir a los dignatarios de San Francisco… Me dicen que un tal che che chia va en ese grupo de palomas para Cuba

  2. Eres un mentiroso Y no sabes nada. Yo voy como embajador especial porque soy el presidente del grupo aqui en New Jersey. Cuando te vea te voy a incar con una ceja, papito.

  3. As a gay fan of your blog, I found this entry a bit offensive, Val. Normally I find your blog a most informative and essential source on news on Cuba and the dictator that I abhorr as much as you yourself does. While I am all for making fun of the dictator and his ridiculous cohorts, I was a bit displeased with the tone and generalities toward homosexuals. I will choose to take this post in jest because I remain a fan of your blog. However, you can thtick thith potht up your ath.

  4. The tour is being organized by Cuba Education Tours of Vancouver, Canada, whose coordinator, Marcel Hatch, insists, “The image of Cuba as a gulag for LGBT people is false. It’s a myth invented by opponents of revolutionary Cuba.

    Too bad Reinaldo Arenas isn’t alive to set this Marcel fellow straight (no pun intended)

    As a gay, I feel safer in Cuba than in Canada or the States.

    As a gay tourist. This Marcel Hatch fellow has no idea whatsoever what it is like to be gay as a Cuban in Cuba. Typical arrogant tourist, seeing what he wants to see.

  5. At Mario the gay,
    Men relax. Cubans make fun even from God why not a gay. You are not better. As a black man I heard millions times “racistic jokes”, if I would be offended for that I would be already dead. The same for thing/fat/ugly/drunkard/spanish(gallegos)/chinese and a long etc…
    So, if you go to Cuba you better learn to laugh about yourself or you will have a very bad time.
    We cuban are not politically correct and we do not mind this correctness

  6. Mario;
    Your comment was right on and funny as well. I also tend to be a bit sensitive about this issue because one of my children is trans-gender. I love her dearly and I’m painfully aware of the prejudices she faces on a daily basis. But that doesn’t stop her from being the wonderful human being that she is.
    I think people should be who they are. If you’re gay, lesbian, or trans-gender, come out of the closet. Be yourself! Live your life! Be proud of who you are!
    If you’re a “freak”, then fly your freak flag!

  7. I agree with Elyoyo. Political Correctness kills Free Speech which is why the Bolsheviks in the USA love political correctness.

  8. The issue is not whether Castro II is gay. The issue is that he has been a key member of an aggressively homophobic regime, which only recently discovered the PC and PR advantages of “tolerance” and “understanding.” Its new stance on the issue is entirely a matter of expediency and opportunism, but the hypocrisy is monumental. It’s not just that the regime was distinctly gay-unfriendly, but that it put gays in CONCENTRATION CAMPS along with other supposed undesirables (the infamous UMAP camps). In other words, if Castro II is gay, he’s the Cuban Roy Cohn, and then some, and he deserves all the derision he gets (no matter how tasteless).
    Dear saintly “Che” also had gay issues. As an example, while visiting a Cuban embassy abroad, he found a book in its library by the noted (and gay) Cuban writer Virgilio Pinera. “Che” flew into a rage, flung the book across the room, and demanded to know what a book by a “maricon” (queer) was doing there.
    It’s interesting that it’s precisely the daughter of Castro II who is now selling herself big time as a champion of gay, lesbian and transgendered people. She is, of course, a member of the ruling class and is acting with official approval. She may even believe in what she’s doing, possibly because she knows her father is “that way” and she feels some sort of responsibility to make some kind of amends. Regardless, she’s only doing it because the regime finds it convenient and useful for her to do so and, therefore, allows it.
    It is beyond pathetic that any gay person would fall for the Cuban regime’s calculating and completely insincere new “tolerance.” It suggests a serious lack of dignity and self-respect. Either that or ignorance bordering on stupidity.

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