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  1. That said – I still believe the vast majority of those wearing this shirt – DO know who Che is and what he did – making them nothing less than supporters of oppression in Cuba. Shameful to say the least.

  2. i propose to kick him right there where te picture is. from now on, that pic means kick me .

  3. Wow, talk about coincidence. Today I was reading an email sent by de la Cova about Marifeli Perez-Stable. I was using gmail, and would you believe google advertising linked this:
    So I clicked on it, it said Che shirts. I decided to have fun and sent this email out. I sent it early this morning but received no reply.
    I recently had the pleasure of visiting your site
    I was looking for some shirts to buy and noticed you offer a wide variety of “Che” shirts. Thats great, I am all for a free market, and believe me when I say I support your right to sell whatever you want. That is the beauty of a free market, something you will not find in Cuba, under the system Fidel and Che implemented. I really do love the irony in that. Anyways I am looking for some shirts and wanted to know if you would custom make those for me. Your site says you will custom make shirts, so maybe you can help me out.
    I once saw a really funny shirt that said “Hitler, European Tour” and listed all the countries he invaded with dates listed like a “rock tour” shirt, so I would like to get some of those made up, but my idea was to list people Che killed, and get their names and dates of execution listed next to them. I wanted to get a Pol-Pot shirt, with his face superimposed on a picture of a mass grave. I would like a shirt with Fidel’s face superimposed on a sinking tugboat. I have been searching high and low for a shirt picture with of Raul Castro, a Cessna being chased by MIGs, and on the Cessna I want to print a “crosshair” and the words “You fuck with me, you fuckin with da best” like Tony Montana said in Scarface. Another shirt would be a a picture of Raul and Fidel and Che in the Sierra Maestra tying up a revolutionary to a tree to execute him. If you need the pictures and information to add to the shirts I can provide them.
    I hope you can provide these shirts.

  4. Daniel,
    The about-us states that “Most of the artwork was designed by Michael Martinez, a cuban-american artist and chairperson of that organization [Bolivarian Youth]”. Self-hatred is one of the vilest manifestations of modern-day liberalism.
    Lastly, they’re using Yahoo! Shopping to peddle their wares. So add Yahoo! to the Ebay list of major internet sites enabling the sale of che propaganda.

  5. BRILLIANT! I think people should start selling that… it’s hilarious and it makes a point.

  6. I have no problem if this place wants to sell those shirts, and I would have no problem if they sold that Hitler shirt I mentioned, which is a real shirt I once saw back in high school. I was taking the bus home and this dude, looked just like Glenn Jones the leather man from The Village People, but with long hair was wearing it. I remember I started laughing my ass off and this lady I guess she took offense cause I got one of those “Young man that shirt is no laughing matter” speeches. But like I said in the email, would they carry shirts like the ones I mentioned? Oh man GREAT idea. Make an M like the McDonalds M, but have it say McCastro’s and we can have the number of all those killed and lost at sea. Anyways, they have a right to sell them, and people have a right to civil protest. You gonna carry those shirts, you take the money and the heat.

  7. It’s more like “I don’t really care who this is or what he did, as long as it’s still fashionable or hip or cool enough to wear his picture.” There are plenty of people who are far more concerned with image than with truth. If you don’t believe me, ask Cameron Diaz.

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