11 thoughts on “Why are we all here?”

  1. Why don’t you copy and paste the item? I clicked on to the hyperlink and it took me to a page called, “live books.”

  2. wow man, that’s deep on so many levels. I assumed that you asking about Cubans in particular, but we’re here, as a human race, because of a missing link.
    And yet, it can also be a metaphor for individual experiences. Like how many of us are here because something broken-like a condom.

  3. Gusano, I can name three bloggers who could be poster children for parents using condoms…

  4. I fixed it. Go to the menu on the lower left and click “Emotion” and then “Cuba.” That will take you to the slide show. It’s in Flash so the original hyperlink was inoperative.

  5. Beautiful, and hard to watch through a river of tears. When I left Cuba, I was almost 7. I remember her beauty and the wonderful beings we left behind. I play all my memories in my mind every day, like a movie. I will NEVER FORGET her. Never! G-d willing one day I’ll return to her, even if it’s just to cover my bones with her soil.

  6. The pictures are fantastic- very moving. Is the photographer an exile? If not, does he go to Cuba a lot or does he live there? He seems to have been all over the place taking pictures.

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