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  1. Brasil has captured two Cuban slaves and is very happily returning them to the plantation. “Where are you Jesse?”

  2. Im looking into the reports here, but as of this morning they were being detained while their lawyers (the Germans are paying for them) are looking into legal remedy

  3. For the Brazilian wires I am getting both stories now. Some are saying they will be deported, some are saying that “lawyers for one of the boxers have put in a bid for asylum”. One article is stating one of them wants to stay and another wants to go back.

  4. Let the Brazilian government know how you feel.
    Brazil Consulate General
    2601 S Bayshore Dr # 800
    Miami, FL 33133
    (305) 285-6200

  5. OK they just ran the report on TV, I ran back (ok so I just crossed the street) to let you know what was said. The boxers were shown going into the police station and coming out. They gave the police a statement saying the went out, had “energy drinks” (Red Bull, in Brasil most any time they say energy drink they mean Red Bull) tossed back some alcoholic beverages, and, this is the Brazilian Police official talking, “they were either drunk, or afraid to go back after curfew, they really weren’t clear, and just decided not to go back”. The boxers are not under arrest, but under supervision, and the police said “they can ask for asylum at any time, but have not chosen to do so”. He referenced the case of Rafael Dacosta. Dacosta is Cuban team handball player who defected asked for asylum during the Pan Am games, and was given “temporary status” while his case is being reviewed, and was shown training with a club in Sao Paulo that has offered him a contract. The boxers are at a “boarding house”, or like a YMCA type youth hostel, just waiting to go back. The Brasilian govt notified the Cuban embassy of the boxers ‘desire’ to go back and they are just waiting for some fine print details, because Cuba revoked their passports, and there is a back and forth between Brazil and Cuba as to who will pay for the flight. Anything else comes up I will let you guys know.

  6. By the way, to clear up something, they are under supervision while they are that hostel, the police are saying this has to do with the fact that they are here ‘illegally’ because they have no passports. They can come and go as they wish, they are just “accompanied” by a federal policeman.

  7. I don’t know if anybody checked the banner on The Real Cuba about the campaign pushed by Chavez for education. It reads “inscricciones abiertas” and should be inscripciones.

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