18 thoughts on “Two cheburgers, hold the bullets, please. Easy on the blood.”

  1. Castro Wings? A Che Fish Sandwich? A menu for your “little revolutionaries?” You people are absolutely disgraceful! Making a buck off the murder of thousands and thousands of innocent Cuban men, women and children and millions more still suffering under the dictatorship?!
    What on Earth possessed you to peddle this crap? Do you also offer Hitler Hamburgers? How about Pol-Pot Pie? Maybe an order of Manson Maccorroni? Or how about Stalin Battered Steak?
    What a bunch of murderous degenerates! You people should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves.
    Exactly how long have you guys been the self-avowed bigoted racists you obviously are?

  2. You guys are finding about this place now? This place has been around for years and i don’t know how many e-mails I’ve sent regarding this – for years! The menu has Mexicanized items also – the owners have no clue, but it seems to be a popular place. By all means, educated them with the facts.

  3. What no firing squad specials on your menu? Just wondering, will your next business be a bakery say, Auschwitz Ovens? Your whole concept is beyond disgusting and offensive. Revolution burgers for kids? This is what the real revolution does for kids. (I sent them a link to the 13th de Marzo)

  4. This is so over the top and clueless that it’s hard not to pity them. I hope they’re liberals dedicated to lowering their carbon emissions and euthanasia. By chance they might put the two together then everyone wins!

  5. OK Where in Maryland? I live in Delaware and I’ll find this clown and I’ll be happy to deliver a message..hold the mayo.

  6. Tinta y Cafe would be a fun place if they had similar armed drunken sluts with those voluptuous racks.

  7. Hey I need some help with a menu posted once. The joke menu, where Raul was cherna, stuff like that. what was the post name?

  8. This is yet another example of how successful the campaign to trivialize the Cuban situation has been. You have a restaurant owned by Anglos serving “latino” food (Cubans, Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, they’re all the same to them) and capitalizing on the whole Buena Vista Social Club phenomenon.
    They don’t care how many Cubans died or are imprisoned for resisting oppression. Like the congressman and farmers in this country, they’re only interested in making a buck and if a few Cubans are killed or jailed in the process, oh well, at least it’s only Cubans and not Americans.
    Can you imagine if the Cuban government shot down two unarmed private aircraft carrying blonde and blue eyed boys from Ohio or Nebraska that were on a humanitarian mission? Does anyone think the American public would go ho-hum like they did with BTTR? I don’t think so.

  9. “Can you imagine if the Cuban government shot down two unarmed private aircraft carrying blonde and blue eyed boys from Ohio or Nebraska that were on a humanitarian mission? Does anyone think the American public would go ho-hum like they did with BTTR?”
    I respectfully disagree with your description of the U.S. reaction as ho-hum. Clinton was on the verge of much normalizing of relations with Cuba. The shootdown froze his plans and I believe the Helms-Burton act was also made into law. Not as strong of a reaction as I would have liked, but not ho-hum.
    As to your racist “blonde and blue eyed boys from Ohio or Nebraska” remark, I recall from history that several of them died fighting alongside Cubans against Spain.

  10. jsb,
    There wasn’t anything racist about the remark. If anything, looking to the Spanish-American war only supports the poster’s point. Take a look at press from the period and people were ALL ABOUT freedom for Cuba.
    Now, when Americans are not participating in the fight to free Cuba from anoppressor like they were in that period, where is the gung=ho, we’ve got to free Cuba attitude? It’s not there. During the period to which you are refering, newspapers duked it out over the story, songwriters wrote songs about beautiful Cuban women and the need to free the island, etc.
    Nothing racist about pointing out that… in the here-and-now… those Ohio and Nebraska boys don’t happen to be involved

  11. jsb,
    The easiest way to gauge the intensity of the American public’s reaction to the BTTR shootdown is to examine Clinton’s reaction to the atrocity. Clinton, who in his two terms as president never made a political decision without checking with his pollsters first, did nothing about it. If there would have been a public outcry and demand for action, he would have done something. His pollsters, however, found no appreciable outrage among Americans outside of the Cuban-Exile community.
    In addition, as ElBombillo pointed out, my remark about “blonde & blue-eyed Ohio boys” was never meant to be racist. As a fanatic of Cuban history, I am well aware of the many Americans that helped Cuba achieve her freedom from Spain. Nonetheless, the point I attempted to make (that you obviously missed) is that Cubans and the children of Cubans (like myself) that live in this country are rarely considered “American” by the Anglo population.
    The comments here, though, have to do with the so-called Cuban restaurant in Maryland serving fidel wings and che fish sandwiches. If you need any illustration as to how the typical Anglo views the Cuban, read the menu.

  12. Daniel no offense taken. I get your humor, and I realize my email to them was somewhat over the top. Unfortunately, people seem incapable of “understanding” the atrocities castro has inflicted upon the Cuba people, mere facts don’t seem to do it, so I give them something graphic to think about and hopefully jolt their awareness. Not that it always works, I won’t repeat all the reasons, we’ve talked about them numerous times– racism, etc. that somehow makes it acceptable to murder Cubans.

  13. “Driven largely by the downing of two civilian American planes by the Cuban military, Congressional negotiators and the White House agreed today on a package of sanctions intended to punish Fidel Castro by curbing foreign investment in Cuba. The measure, which President Clinton had opposed until this week, would give the weight of law to the nearly 40-year-old embargo against Cuba that has been the policy of every American President since Mr. Castro came to power.”

  14. I was hoping that it was a joke. But it wasn’t. Still, it might be amusing to ‘Take a bite out of Che’.

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