Cuban Boxers Deported From Brazil

From AP, by fidels puppy, Anita Snow:

HAVANA (Map, News) – Two boxers deported by Brazil were back in Cuba Sunday after they disappeared during the Pan American Games last month and were arrested at a resort where officials said they partied and ran up an exorbitant bill.
Convalescing leader Fidel Castro said in comments published Sunday that the boxers would be confined to guest houses upon their return, although he promised not to harshly punish them.

Read the whole sad thing here.

8 thoughts on “Cuban Boxers Deported From Brazil”

  1. And the worst thing about this deportation is the total lack of empathy on the part of the American press. If you notice, Anita Snow does nothing more than give the Cuban government a platform. There is no critical analysis on her part WHATSOEVER. She reprints comments by “Juventud Revelde”, she reprints Castro’s comments and she says that the boxers were running up an exorbitant bill at the hotel where they were staying in order to hammer in the Cuban Regime’s point that they’re irresponsible and not real political exiles. Little does it matter that the German manager who was handling them probably willingly paid their “exorbitant” bill. So, what’s the point of bringing that up? It’s neither here nor there.
    If Anita Snow were a real journalist or if these boxers had escaped pre-apartheid South Africa, Pinochet’s Chile, Somoza’s Nicagargua, or Argentina under the generals, undoubtedly, a complete analysis would have been made about what awaits for them back in their country, what’s more, Brazil would have been roundly criticized.
    Instead, Castro is given a free pass, as always.

  2. -“If Anita Snow were a real journalist…”

    Anita Snow is worthy of (what I would like to bestow) the “Prensa Latina” Award.

    Those people that masquarade as ‘real’ jounalists and act as loyal members of the “Useful Idiot Brigades” by parroting the agenda of the marxist-fascist ruling class, should be worthy of such an award.

  3. Confined to guest houses, and not harshly punished. Confined is a feel good word for jailed,and how is any punishment acceptable? I haven’t seen one article that questions this obvious violation of the boxers human rights.

  4. Please get your terminology straight. Snow is too old to be a puppy, and I’m sure she wants her gender clearly acknowledged. The proper term is BITCH.

  5. I wonder if people like Anita “I eat like a Cuban” Snow [job] ever really sit down and think about the harm that they are causing the Cuban masses inside Cuba? Do the Anita Snow’s of the world have any compunction? Do they delude themselves into thinking that they are doing good? Are they just opportunists who go along with the flow, so as not to be kicked out of the country, or are they indoctrinaires who are Castroites at heart? As a journalist, she could help ameliorate the suffering of Cubans like those two boxers who will undoubtedly feel the wrath of Castro’s repressive arm. The power of the pen of these journalists is immeasurable, but alas, they use their pens to help Castro not his victims. It’s all so tragic.

  6. I expect Snow figures she’s just doing what they pay her to do and what she was hired for (which is true), and that if she didn’t do it, somebody else would (which is also true). Besides, it’s just Cubans, after all, so who really cares, anyway? Let THEM sort it out. A job is a job.

  7. A simple explanation of the Brazilian authorities…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
    Google “Cuban debt to Brazil”. Todo lo importa es el caaaaash!!!

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