Dictatorship diplomacy

A story posted at Misceláneas de Cuba today provides some insight into the bare-knuckled way the castro dictatorships uses diplomacy to get its way, and perpetuate its evils on the Cuban people, and the world.
Alexis Gainza Solenzal quotes a Swedish newspaper account of how Cuban officials have threaten to expel three European politicians — one each from Estonia, Hungary and the Netherlands — because they dared to meet with members of the Cuban opposition.
For one of the threatened politicians, he has before seen what is happening in Cuba today.
“What I’ve seen in Cuba reminds me of my own country before the fall of the Soviet Union, and it is indefensible,” said Andres Terkel of Estonia, a former Soviet republic.
Few countries play the international diplomatic game more swiftly than the dictatorship in Havana, in large part because they don’t mind lying, distorting history, making stuff up, etc. — if there is a form of prevarication, be assured the Cubans have it mastered, to get their way. It’s how the dictatorship has not only survived almost 50 years, but thrived as it outmaneuvered other diplomatic players naive enough to presume that the Cubans are playing by the same rules, if any rules at all.
Right, Madrid?.
Earlier this year, Spain, eager to make billions of Euros from doing oil, tourism and other business with Havana, was snookered by the castros into re-normalizing relations, with no assurances that Cuba would improve its behavior — especially on human rights. In fact, with his Spanish lapdog counterpart standing next to him, Cuban foreign minister Felipe Perez Roque denied there were any political prisoners in Cuba..
And if anyone dare stand up to the Cubans — especially on the island itself, as the three Europeans officials did — the dictatorship has no qualms about tossing aside the white gloves and diplomatic doublespeak, and playing hardball.
Thugs are, as thugs do.

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  1. By now, every government knows the score regarding Cuba. They are not naive, stupid or gullible, even if they sometimes appear that way. They are simply pursuing their own interests and agendas, overtly or covertly, but they know who and what they’re dealing with. Of course there’s massive hypocrisy and double-speak involved, and of course they don’t give a shit about what’s best for Cuba and its people. To them it’s just a game, and they mean to profit from it. That’s all.

  2. GUYS i do believe that THIS is news worthy..
    “MIAMI – Cubans on their home island have protested government actions and refused to take part in so-called acts of repudiation against fellow citizens at least 40 times over the last year, according to Cuban exile groups.
    The coalition launched a campaign last July urging Cubans on the island not to participate in attacks on those who speak out against the Cuban government, and the groups say their efforts are paying off. They planned to celebrate the campaign’s first anniversary today by leafletting in Miami’s Little Havana neighborhood and urging Cuban-Americans to spread the noncooperation message to their relatives on the island.
    “The people of Cuba have forced the Cuban government to stop using this method of repression,” said Angel Fana, head of the nonprofit Plantados, which represents former political prisoners. Plantados receives U.S. funds to promote regime change in Cuba.
    Fana said police are more likely to call an individual in for questioning or fine them for alleged acts against the government, but the government is less likely to rely on public repudiations.”
    – The Associated Press
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