Decades under communism wasn’t enough

It seems that some countries never learn. Bulgaria, for decades a satellite of the USSR, is free along with the rest of Eastern Europe. But they don’t seem to have absorbed the lessons of communism like the Czech Republic or Poland. Here is the money line from a little editorial that appears on an online news website:

The exportation of Cuban healthcare [sic] is a Peace Project that we all can learn from.

Read the whole thing here.

5 thoughts on “Decades under communism wasn’t enough”

  1. I wouldn’t be so quick to indict the Hungarians over this article.

    Me thinks this article was a propaganda piece sent in as an ‘individual submission’ (as noted at the reference links at the bottom of the article) that appears to give credit to a “write” known as “Kate Loving Shenk” who is a ‘Sicko’-movie Michael Moore loving maniac and who by her own admission in her biz-op hawking website describes herself as ….
    “60’s Hippy Becomes Earth Mother”

  2. It’s not from Hungary, it’s Bulgaria. Remember that this is the Eastern Bloc state that provided the KGB with assassins for many, many years. I just think they still have a soft spot for the reds…

  3. George, your’re right – my bad on the country mixup.
    My point, though, is I wanted to focus on what appears to be the real source of this article, which is a ‘Sicko-movie-Michael-Moore-loving’ former “60’s hippie turned nurse” – who is apparently from right here in the States.

  4. Don’t be too hard on Bulgaria till we find out how those in Cuban behave once they are free. I hope it won’t be like in Russia or Nicaragua, but that cannot be ruled out, tragic and disgraceful and disgusting though it would be.

  5. There will always be a few certain individuals in former Communist nations (however twisted) who will long for the old days of the state micro-managing every aspect of their lives. Sick but true.

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