More thoughts on Corral

I’m in California on business so I was surprised when the phone rang at 4:55 this morning. Needless to say I didn’t answer it. I should have. It Turns out that it was Val to tell me about the legal troubles of our favorite Herald cub reporter. I’ve posted some additional thoughts at Herald Watch.

3 thoughts on “More thoughts on Corral”

  1. Some men who pay for sex, like Oscar Corral, do not have a positive and strong sexual image of themselves. Recognizing for yourself and for others that one “has a need” to go see prostitutes may be felt as downgrading in relation to sexual norms.
    Other men openly ask for a different and more passive role with a prostitute than that which
    they have in their regular relationships. In other words, the man buys himself the right to be passive with a sexually aggressive whore. In a
    study done by the American sexologist Martha Stein (1974) on the clients of call-girls, it appeared that the act most requested of women was fellatio. Many clients said their dissatisfaction came from the refusal of their wives to perform this type of act. Is this the case with Oscar Corral?
    These men prefer to abandon their socially constructed position of power in order to adopt another which authorizes them to give up control and ignore the demand for sexual performance. At play here is a complex and contradictory game of power. To make the prostitute responsible for his performance (and a sexual release) signifies that he also projects his possible impotence on to her. At the psychological or social level, this respond to the demands of different sexual satisfaction and/or would bring solutions to the problems that confront men like Corral in their relations with women who are not prostitutes.

  2. Oscar Corral has deleted from his Miami Herald blog all comments related to his arrest for soliciting prostitution. Other comments posted on other Herald articles, like the one reporting Fla. Rep. Bob Allen soliciting male prostitution, comparing the Corral and Allen cases, have also been deleted by the Herald. It is obvious that the Herald is protecting its cub reporter Corral.

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