Things that piss me off

We printed up the “Miami Mafia” tshirts that Henry designed and pretty much sold the lot of them as fundraising for the Cuba Nostalgia Convention. Most folks that purchased and wear them do so because they find them not only funny to a certain extent, but are proud to do so because if that’s what fidel castro and his commie cronies use to describe us, then we’re damned proud of being Miami Mafiosos.
What bothers me, tho, is when some jackass reporter or journalist or blogger or just plain jackass takes that Miami Mafia out of the context of being a derrogatory connotation invented and spread by the castro regime, and thinks it’s perfectly OK to use it non-chalantly and without impunity to describe the Cuban-American community.
Look, Bob, you wanna call me a right wing, intransingent crazy Cuban extremist? Knock yourself out. But you have no right to debase me and my community using an appellation contrived by the one person – fidel castro – that has been the cause of such pain, anger, suffering and anguish to the Cuban exile community for half a century.
Its use speaks much more about you as a person, than about us as a community.
I suppose I could go tit-for-tat and call you, say, a Gringo Sapingo, but I’m better than that.

3 thoughts on “Things that piss me off”

  1. Bob Norman has displayed marginally-prejudiced comments against Cuban-Americans (at least the right-wing ones) in the past, and really is just trying to get a rise out of us.
    If Bob reads this post and doesn’t understand, then the heck with it. He and his blogs are small potatoes anyway.
    Sometimes, it just ain’t worth it.

  2. I love wearing mu Babalu t shirt, it always draws a lot of attention in NC, and I would proudly wear the other as well.

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