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Oscar Corral, the infamous Miami Herald reporter, busted for soliciting a prostitute:

A Miami Herald reporter was arrested late Friday on charges that he solicited a prostitute in Miami, police said.
Oscar Corral, 32, a veteran Metro reporter for the newspaper, was one of 13 people busted in a prostitution operation in the Flagami neighborhood shortly before midnight, Sgt. Albert Pacheco said.
Corral, who covers Miami’s Cuban community, was arrested and issued a notice to appear in court. He was charged with soliciting to commit prostitution, a second-degree misdemeanor.
”I’m innocent,” Corral said Monday. “I look forward to having my name cleared in court.”

His defense will be, obviously, that he was “working” on an exposé…

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  1. I wonder if Mr. Ed will right an article defending her fellow self-hating Cuban American colleague? After all, the Miami Mafia is to blame for sure! The Miami Mafia has turned Miami into a replica of Batista-era Cuba which was as we all know a giant postibulo.

  2. cluck-cluck
    I hear the chickens approaching–coming home to roost.
    Perhaps this gives us a better insight into Corral’s pshyche and may go a long way in explaining his self-loathing. It appears his self-respect is more lacking than any of us surmised.
    Oh well, such is life. One day you’re on top spitting down on the community that raised you and the next day, you’re down in the dirt.

  3. Reminds me of a Shakespeare quote-
    “There’s a divinity that shapes our ends, Rough-hew them how we will.”

  4. The guy sure is a consistent destroyer of reputations, this time his own. Karma. Wonder why the herald didn’t publish his mugshot, as they did with the reporters in Corral’s TV Marti “expose.”

  5. Since we are in a Shakespeare quoting mood, here’s another very apropos quote from Hamlet:

    So oft it chances in particular men that for some vicious mole of nature in them, as in their birth (wherein they are not guilty, since nature cannot choose his origin), by the o’ergrowth of some complexion[…]that these men, carrying, I say, the stamp of one defect,[…]his virtues else, be they as pure as grace[…]shall in the general censure take corruption from that particular fault.

  6. Ruth, your quote reminded me of another apropos Hamlet quote,
    “foul deeds will rise,
    Though all the earth o’erwhelm them, to men’s eyes.”

    His defense will be
    “man delights not
    me: no, nor woman neither, though by your smiling
    you seem to say so.”
    I do confess a feel a tad bad for the guy. After all, to err is human, and he is innocent before proven guilty. But, man, the irony here is too rich.

  8. For the record, since Im being accused of shadenfraude:
    I’m certainly not elated that Oscar Corral was busted while trying to get a groove on with a working girl, but, as Alberto stated above, perhaps this does give us a better insight into Corral’s psyche, and if this turns out to be true, he certainly should think twice about being Officer Ethics.

  9. El Nuevo Herald en español aún no ha mencionado el caso.
    El escueto artículo no dice si Corral, casado y padre de dos hijos, solicitaba prostitución de un hombre o de una mujer.
    Tampoco se conoce la actitud de su esposa por esta infidelidad, lo cual puede ser causa para divorcio.
    El carácter inmoral del crimen cometido en la llamada sección “Flagami” por el dudoso personaje da la medida de la catadura moral de los que hacen causa común con elementos pro-castristas.
    Aunque Corral alega que es inocente, no sorprenderá si en un futuro se declara culpable sigiliosamente a un cargo reducido a “conducta impropia.”
    El Miami Herald aún tiene trabajando allí a Ana Veciana-Suarez, después de admitir que cometió perjurio ante un tribunal y ser sentenciada y multada. No nos sorprenderá si Corral continua trabajando para el Miami Herald después de este crimen bochornoso.

  10. Well, let’s see what the possibilities might be:
    – He was doing a story on Herald staff moonlighting as prostitutes (or vice versa).
    – He was researching how prostitutes feel about US policy towards Cuba (you know, whether their views are “monolithic” or “pluralistic”).
    – He was making a stand for sex as a valid commercial commodity (as I’m sure Mariela Castro would agree).
    – He was so traumatized by his, uh, “existential crisis” (the one cused by those nasty intransigent exiles) that he became self-destructive. It is, of course, entirely the fault of exile “extremists.”
    – If all else fails, blame the embargo.
    But never fear, this will all be “resolved.”

  11. And if he gets an STD, he can go to Cuba for free medical care! To quote Richard Pryor, “You see, the shit works out just fine!”

  12. Here is a report on how the Miami Police have been dealing with the problem created by the likes of Oscar Corral and other immoral people soliciting prostitution in Flagami district:
    The community was “severely impacted” y this problem, which also affected church goers and school children in the neighborhood.
    In prior cases of reporters investigating prostitution, the reporter initially identifies himself to the prostitute and states his objective of an investigative story. Corral obviously did not do so before being arrested.

  13. If you people saw Oscar Corral’s wife, you would understand why he was seeking sex with a prostitute who has more class.

  14. This scandal could not be any juicier, but like Val said, it is not a reason for us to feel elated. If anything, we should feel vindicated because Corral has shown his true substance as a human. With his actions, and their subsequent consequences, Corral has shown the world his lack of moral character–something we tried to point out with his farcical expose on TV Marti.
    We should not be celebrating his demise, but if all of you will allow me, I will celebrate our vindication.

  15. Weren’t they tracking a serial killer that preyed on prostitutes in that part of Miami a few years back? I’m just sayin’ /end sarcasm/

  16. Seriously, folks, let’s not get too carried away with this. All we know is that he was arrested and accused, but details are minimal so far. I suppose he still deserves the benefit of the doubt, even if he didn’t give it to those he smeared in 2006 (though that was at least as much the Herald’s fault as his). I certainly feel sorry for his family. Wait and see.

  17. asombra,
    Exactly. I dont know about me personally giving him the benfit of the doubt, but he is, as they say, innocent until proven guilty. I, too, feel extremely sorry for his family however.
    I suppose the reason it took the Herald three or four days to publish this was to give him time to break it to them.

  18. That miserable rag of a newspaper wouldn’t give any of us plebes a three- or four-day break, so no tears from me for Corral. That said, I feel terrible for his wife and kids. His family are the real victims here and we should respect them and their privacy.

  19. Please spare us the amateur psychology — on what evidence do you accuse Corral of “self-loathing”? Oh, right, he wrote stories critical of Cuban-Americans. I suppose you could add “traitorous,” but, unfortunately, he didn’t swear the oath of allegiance or exchange the secret handshake that the reasonable men and women of the Babalu community are privileged tos share.

  20. Oscar Corral never cared for those he slandered or their families. He was responsible through his reckless articles for heads of families losing their jobs and having their spouses and children lose their breadwinner. Why should we feel sorry for his wife and kids, when we denounce Bill Clinton for doing nearly the same thing? Corral’s wife and kids should know that he is immoral, untrustworthy, a cheater, and will be a convicted criminal after he pleads guilty to a lesser charge. His conviction will not matter to the Herald, who will continue to employ him. If Corral’s wife had any dignity, she would divorce him or continue risking degradation and any possible STDs he might transmit to her and the kids.

  21. Not a Commie, but …
    Tue Aug 07, 2007 at 11:01:11 AM
    Oscar Corral has written reams on Fidel Castro, Miami’s exiles, and the many controversies that roil South Florida’s most powerful immigrant community.
    A handsome 32-year-old Miami Herald reporter who married eight years ago and bought a half million dollar home in posh Coral Gables before age 30, he seems to have lived a charmed life. The Miami SunPost even did a cover story on him last week titled, “I am not a Communist.” Tens of thousands of his pictures of him – sipping a coffee — were on newsstands across the city.
    One quote from that story sticks out: “Having roots in a community makes you sensitive to that community; I think it’s people who have roots here who are most appreciative of what I do. No one wants to see their city turned to crap. People like to know there are journalists out there, prosecutors, artists, etc. who are trying to do the right thing for their city. Hopefully.”
    The day after publication, though, he was popped in the city’s western reaches negotiating the price of a a blow job with accused 18-year-old prostitute Yamilet Lopez. He was driving a black Acura. An undercover cop heard the conversation. (It came to $50) Corral was one of 13 people arrested as part of a regular sting, Miami police say. One arrestee was a pimp. The rest were accused Johns and hookers.
    According to a police report, Yamilet Lopez said: “This is only my second time prostituting. I only did it because I need to pay the rent.”
    The Herald published an unbylined brief on the bust Tuesday.
    The local blogs are going wild with the news. Commenters on Babalu take delight in what more than one called a “schadenfreude moment.”
    “Cluck-cluck,” writes Alberto de la Cruz. “I hear the chickens approaching–coming home to roost… Oh well, such is life. One day you’re on top spitting down on the community that raised you and the next day, you’re down in the dirt.”
    Jorge Luis wonders “why the Herald didn’t publish his mugshot, as they did with the reporters in Corral’s TV Marti ‘expose.’” Corral “sure is a consistent destroyer of reputations, this time his own,” he writes. “Karma.”
    Ruth quotes Shakespeare: “There’s a divinity that shapes our ends, rough-hew them how we will,” and other posters pick up the Hamlet and run with it: “Foul deeds will rise, though all the earth o’erwhelm them, to men’s eyes.” (Luis, again.) “So oft it chances in particular men that for some vicious mole of nature in them … shall in the general censure take corruption from that particular fault,” writes George Moneo, before transitioning from Shakespeare to Richard Pryor: “And if he gets an STD, he can go to Cuba for free medical care! To quote Richard Pryor, ‘You see, the shit works out just fine!’”
    Steve Klotz kicks off the commentary on Stuck on the Palmetto: “He said he’s innocent? He took a stand? Remarkable!”
    “Nonee Moose” offers a clarification (“…it was hard-line media whores that were being solicited”), Alex offers a potential explanation (“I’d think he could have been working on an article (that’s probably what his innocence claim hints at) but in that case why doesn’t the paper say it in the note?”), and “The Real John Longfellow” offers a rare dose of innocent-until-proven-guilty: “Just b/c some fat corrupt Miami cop arrest you does not mean you are guilty. Hell, it seems that the Miami cops spend most of the time investigating and arresting themselves!!”
    Several people interviewed at the Herald say they were astounded by the arrest. “He is such a mild mannered guy,” said one. “It just doesn’t seem right.”
    Corral, who professed his innocence in the Herald, didn’t return a phone message left at his home. –Chuck Strouse and Frank Houston

  22. Miami Herald Editor Speaks
    Tue Aug 07, 2007 at 04:51:46 PM
    Asked about Oscar Corral, the reporter accused of soliciting a prostitute this past Friday, Miami Herald editor Anders Gyllenhaal had only a few words: “It’s an unfortunate situation. Oscar says this stems from a misunderstanding and the paper backs him up on this.”
    Asked by Riptide whether Corral was, um, working on a story at the time, Gyllenhaal responded: “I have no further comment.”
    Well, we guess that question is answered.
    Chuck Strouse

  23. It is not surprising that the Miami Herald editor backs Oscar Corral after this immoral crime is committed. The Herald still has working for them columnist Ana Veciana-Suarez, an admitted liar and a convicted perjurer.

  24. Ray says: “The Miami Mafia has turned Miami into a replica of Batista-era Cuba which was as we all know a giant postibulo.”…
    Now Ray let’s assume that you are Cuban and speak from experience, and if you are 60 years old or younger you were 12 years old by the time Batista fled Cuba in Dec. 31, 1958 and seven days later Castro took over and begun his reign of terror and destruction. BTW it’s not “postibulo”, it is PROSTIBULO, houses of ill repute where prostitutes conducted their business, and restricted to some “barrios” under the “tolerance” of the authorities. Everyone in La Habana knew of this fact, and decent persons would avoid walking around these handful of places. However if you were 12 years old or younger at the time your whole life experience revolved around school and home, so tell us Ray, in which of these houses did you live in? Are you still hurting from the life your mother subjected you to as a child, or are you just another Castro agent doing his best in Miami?
    Because “as we all know” as you so aptly said, it is today that the entire Cuba seems to be turning into a giant “prostibulo”, where Castro keeps trying to turn every school and every house into whorehouses to punish every Cuban for the guilt he always felt that he is a bastard son. Are you one too?

  25. First of all, last i checked, we are the the USA and everyone is innocent UNTIL proven guilty. Yes, I am curious to find out what happens, but lets not hang the guy. As for comments about his family, that behavior is unacceptable. I can tell you this, his wife happens to be an excellent writer herself and mother. Lets not bring the family into this guys, this is not the Jerry Springer Show (relajo con orden). Oh, and by the way, in refererence to the derogatory comments about Mrs. Corral, she happens to be very well educated, extremely classy and an asset to this community. I personally have not seen her in years, but one thing I know…Class does not fade, hopefully the ignorance of all this does. Oscar Corral will have his day in court. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.
    Eddie Allen

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