3 thoughts on “Will the last person leaving San Francisco…”

  1. So Cindy wants to, “improve ethics in the legislative and executive branches.” Ssssspppppppttttttttt…there goes the keyboard. We really need to move to a different state.

  2. Not surprising, from the city that gave us Haight-Ashbury flowers in our hair, streetcars at rush hour, piano wire-suspended bridges, the Castro district, gay bath houses, free love and the illegitimate kids that went with it, Pot LSD & Heroin, Inc., and high-maintenance homeless populations.
    Pelosi and Sheehan are window dressing. But it will be a nice break from prune faced Billary + Obama. Honest.

  3. Hell, you can make a better rice-a-roni on your own. Chop up a bunch of dry No. 9 Spaghetti, brown it in butter (or EV olive oil if you’re pretending to care about your health), mix it with rice, season with beef, chicken or veggie stock and spice to taste…

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