11 thoughts on “Democrats are cool, aren’t they?”

  1. George,
    When will you place the next bomb at a clinic?
    “A growing number of Christians treasonably want to establish their version of Christianity as the law of the United States, replacing the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that guarantee Americans freedom from having to follow somebody else’s religion. These fanatics think the bible infallibly prohibits abortion, disproves evolution, regulates sexuality, and gives them the authority from god to tell everyone else what they can do, see, read or think. Government by bible is a scary idea.”

  2. How are Republicans encouraging abortion clinic bombers when a number of their likely 2008 candidates are not radical “pro-lifers?” In fact, their most likely candidate has come out and said he’s pro-choice.
    Eric Rudolph was arrested in 2003, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law—with a Republican President and Congressnot getting in the way.
    Try again, Donkey-Boy.

  3. Wouldn’t the ultimate irony be when this numbnutz blows up one of his homemade bombs in his face and requires emergency eye surgery from Dr. Rosenbaum?

  4. Tango, que cacho de comemierda eres.
    Only a stupid fuck StuckOnStupid or DailyKos reader would make a statement like that, taking a leap from a terrorist animal rights group, and mention abortion clinic bombing. Did you actually think you’d be taken seriously? List the cases, indictments, case outcomes, sentencings, for your allegations. Right here and now. Put up or shut up. Tell
    Ever heard of the “environmental” group EarthFirst? Bombings, planting spikes in trees, vandalizing the property of forestry companies. You’re worse than a fool because you actually believe this bullshit.

  5. Hey George take a valium, if you go on public you have to take the heat.
    So, everyone that does no agree with you is a comemierda. Well, there are a lot of people in a democracy that may not agree with you, so there are a lot of potential comemierdas around.
    Be careful, you a short step from being a facist.

  6. Funny, i didnt see that which you quote in the linked article.
    I didn’t see anything in the article that pertained to the Democratic Party either but that hasn’t stopped anyone so far.
    So, as long as we’re all flinging partisan connections to terrorism about, I’d say Tango’s is no worse than George’s except for the fact that George’s response to Tango seems to set abortion clinic bombings apart as being something other than terrorism. It would be nice if he’d clear that up. So far I call it a draw.

  7. Tango,
    if I may inteject here…
    You placed a very biased and slanted quote here from an unknown source trying to make a libelous and generalized implication of conservatives and republicans. I called you out on it as did a few others. personally, I think what you did was a pretty comemierda-ish thing to do, but I have a bit more tabla when dealing with the myopic such as yourself, so I didnt outright call you a comemierda. yet, anyone reading your string of comments today in numerous threads will undoubtedly come to that conclusion on their own.
    Now, if you want to have a debate or discussion on any particular subject, youre more than welcome to, however, please dont be using chicken little sky is falling absurd emails like you did in henrys post or unattributed ridiculously inane quotes like you did here to make your arguments. Trust me, these types of comments demean you more than those they target.

  8. MMerchant,
    you are correct, there is no mention of “democrats” in George’s linked piece, so, yes, technically, you have a point. Now, what do you think are the chances of these ecoterrorists being conservatives?

  9. Now, what do you think are the chances of these ecoterrorists being conservatives?
    Roughly similar to the chance that abortion clinic bombers are liberals, neither of which is relevant to party affiliation. There are liberal Republicans and conservative Democrats, you know.

  10. R S;
    “Try again Donkey-Boy”, LOL, hahaha, I love that one.
    Do you watch the Half Hour News Hour on FNC Sunday’s at 10:00 PM. It’s side splitting. Really, there’s nothing funnier than liberals!
    Some of the best opening moments on the show are when Rush plays the President and Ann Coulter the VP. Oh, and the ACLU commercials…Classic!

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