7 thoughts on “From the WTF department”

  1. It’s a sad/odd story – she apparently expected the revolution to be toppled in three months – much like all her Cuban neighbors who left to wait it out in the U.S. I really cannot understand why the U.S. government isn’t giving her access to HER money. Very odd indeed.

  2. A hint of why may lie in that framed picture of castro. Even if the poor old girl is not a castro supporter, could a 100-year-old lady keep the castro brothers’ mitts off her money, had she finally access to it?

  3. Goes to show some of the lunacy resulting from the U.S. solely reduced to fighting Castro on a purely ‘ideological’ basis:
    – Castro ‘nationalizes’ Cuban’s/Foreigner’s assets in Cuba.
    – The U.S. ‘freezes’ Cuban’s/Foreigner’s assets in USA.
    Look’s like the old lady lost on both counts.

  4. “The only thing I want it for is medicines and my doctor. I don’t even want to buy candy out of it,” she said. (quote from 107 year old widow)
    Wait a second; isn’t Cuba’s health care one of the best in the world? Why would she need dirty capitalist dollars if everything is taken care of for her? Is Michael Moore aware of this? I think he needs to go investigate.
    I wonder if the “journalist” who wrote this found this quote peculiar, especially after all the fawning the press has been doing over Moore’s fantasy.

  5. “The ONLY thing” she wants is healthcare? Jesus. Why don’t people get it there is no real universal healthcare in Cuba.

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