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  1. If you would have stayed with it to the end, you would have found more material:
    Then, after it was clear that no one had been killed in the airstrike, Saraa and her producer headed back upstairs to prepare for the next episode of “Tomorrow’s Pioneers.”
    Tomorrow’s Pioneers. I know I heard that somewhere before, it sounds awful familiar.

  2. Oye Jewbana, about the dulce leche churros…
    I think it was Marta that mentioned “it’s like a jelly donut”. Well, kinda is. They way they do it here is after they fry it, they use some type of “injector thingy” to pump the dulce leche into the churro, so maybe you can try that at home. Use a pastry cream injector pumper thingy with dulce leche next time you make churros. And if not, just dip them in condensed milk. And at this point I would like to state that neither I nor Babulu Blog or it’s owners or sponsors are responsible for whatever happerns after.

  3. well, now the Jews are gone from Gaza and the so-called Palestinians (the hoax that didn’t exist for 2000 years until the 6-Day War) got what they wanted with Hamas in charge, via vote and bloody coup d’etat
    but …. sleeping with the vipers has its side effects, as Hamas cranks up the martyr machine full throttle: with Sadam Hussein gone to his 72 virgin goats, there’s no one funding martyrdom anymore — hey, Mohammed, no more $25K in the mail, dude
    so this ain’t and NEVER has been about occupation or poverty or land-for-peace or right of return crap; it ALWAYS been about one thing and one thing alone: virulent anti-Semitism that borders on the insane
    nothing that Israel does will ever appease these bastards
    the Bible details how this is gonna end, but meanwhile, I hope the Israelis rebuild their spine, which they seem to have lost in Lebanon last year, and start chopping Hamas heads before all the little darlings head out of school to the shopping malls as human firecrackers

  4. Gigi,
    The Jews have started by having Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu elected as the leader of the Likud party. Soon he will be the next prime minister of Israel, for the third time, as predicted.
    The extrememist have better watch out. Bibi is a man of honor, principle, and action.
    The Jews will not wait for the rest of the world to save us from these whackos. They never came to stop the Holocaust. We wont risk it this time.

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