A couple months back, in an interview with NBC6’s Hank Tester, I mentioned the Cuban and world media spin regarding fidel castro as an attempt to make fidel’s statement “history will absolve me” come true. It seems what we were witnessing back then was the beginning of the misinformation assault meant to lionize the dictator.
A couple things stand out right now that lead me to believe we’re in for a storm of media bullshit in the very near future, as in, starting right now.
First we have (once again) reports that the bearded cadaver is presently in very very ill health. These are nothing new, of course, as fidel tends to die every four months or so. But add to that the fact that now, there are reports that all internet in Cuba has been routed through one central domain, Enet.cu, including the net connections of all Cuban journalist and reporters, and things get a little more interesting. The Cuban government has stepped up its control of information like never before.
Here’s another ingredient in this bullshit ajiaco, as The Real Cuba reports:

Cuba’s official press announced this afternoon that starting tomorrow and lasting until Sunday, it will be publishing two lengthy articles, allegedly written by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, about “very important and decisive facts” for the future of Cuba.
According to Cuban media, the dictator will begin publishing tomorrow “a very ample and profound reflection” titled “The empire and the independent island.”
“At the request of the author, a small portion will be published in two columns on the front page, of Granma and Juventud Rebelde, and the rest in two inside pages during the 15, 16, 17 and maybe 18 of August,” according to Granma.

Plus the following from Child of the Revolution:

As in previous years, thousands of words and dozens of photographs have been published in official papers big and small praising the humanity and absolute genius of the man who has ruled Cuba with an iron fist for close to half a century.
The official newspaper of the Communist Party, Granma, which two years ago compared Castro to the sun, has opted to describe him this time around as “A Giant Among Titans”.
Not to be outdone, the editors of Juventud Rebelde, the official organ of the Cuban Union of Communist Youth, have given him the title of “The Comandante of A Thousand Battles and A Million Triumphs”.
But let’s hear it for the hard-working editorial staff at Trabajadores, the newspaper of the official Communist Party-controlled Trade Union Council. Without even a hint of embarrassment, they have anointed Castro “The Untiring Gladiator of Truth”.

Notwithstanding the hilarity of the above mentioned titles and accompanying stories, what you are seeing isnt just the clamping down on information available to those in the island coupled with the usual propaganda masked as reporting. This media manipulation barrage is, in essence, “absolutionizing.” Creating absolution for the man responsible for countless deaths, the destruction of countless families and the ruination of what was once first world nation. Creating a saint from the devil himself.
This is the final “battle of ideas” for the Cuban regime. The last ditch, desperate act of a government with illusory gains and backward ideals. The Cuban powers that be will go all out on this one and the shit is going to get suffocatingly deep.
Let’s all make sure that truth wears shitkickers.

13 thoughts on “Absolutionizing”

  1. The revolting, abject ass-kissing or sucking up to “The Man” evident in these outarageous slogans is, sadly, not new in Cuba, though it HAS reached unprecedentedly grotesque proportions under Castro.
    There’s a famous story about failed dictator Machado while president, when he asked some functionary what the time was, and the person responded, apparently without blushing, “Whatever time you wish.”

  2. We should encourage the use of our own slogans and titles for fidel so he can read them if he is in fact still alive. I would start us off with a few to get this going:
    “El hijo’eputa de Biran”
    “Un tirano con dos culos”
    “Vivio 79 anos de mas”

  3. I’m sure that the New York Times [as always] will aid and abade the tyranny by publishing verbatim those sickening obsequious ass-kissing slogans and those soon-to-be published editorials allegedly written by the cadaver-in-chief.

  4. I think it’s really important that we keep together and continue to function as a truth squad. I don’t know how many times, I’m reading ignorant or malicious comments only to find that someone I recognize has called them to task. When I’m engaged in arguing with some dip…, there are others there to back me up.
    What the regime’s propaganda machine has to fear now is that we are no longer hampered by fluency in English, that new generations of those born here and in Cuba can take them on in the arenas where they do their dirty work.

  5. “none of those billions of words is going to matter on the day the “vamos bien” billboards get torn down and the Che Guevara statues get melted down to make rebar for the new Cuba”
    In addition, any statues, buildings, flagpoles, museums , school children texbooks, che guevara salutes in the morning, slogans of pioneros por el comunismo seremos como el che , patria o muerte etc, anything related with the revolution SHOULD BE DESTROYED

  6. “What the regime’s propaganda machine has to fear now is that we are no longer hampered by fluency in English, that new generations of those born here and in Cuba can take them on in the arenas where they do their dirty work.”
    Succinctly put, Ruth. And I applaud all of us who’ve got each other’s backs.
    It’s so important to galvanize our own message (which is the message of the majority of Cubans) and get ready for barrage of m—-a to come. The regime has already lost the battle of ideas; it’s time we bury them.

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