Republicans and Democrats agree…

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Joe Garcia, Democratic party chair in Dade county and former CANF executive director was my guest and the fireworks flew at times. At least when he let me get a word in. Appearance from Val at the end. Click the image below to listen to the show. You can also subscribe to the podcast and receive it automatically each week. Click here if you have iTunes and wish to subscribe.

12 thoughts on “Republicans and Democrats agree…”

  1. Joe “Goldie Locks” Garcia is my hero. I support his people-to-people contact with Cuba, which Bill Clinton started in the 1990s. Had we used that same policy of people-to-people contact with Saddam Hussein’s regime, we would have never had to go to war with Iraq and that country would be democratic by now. I am also willing to try that policy with Hamas and Israel to bring about peace in the Middle East. I should have been given the Nobel Peace Prize for my not-so-secret missions to Cuba in the 1970s. If you don’t believe me, just read my book.

  2. You sir not only are a traitor to Cuba, you are a traitor to the Jewish people. You want to engage with Hamas? Your soul is dead, beyond repair, and not worth dialog. Your presence here defiles our pages.

  3. Mr. Penes;
    Now that Bibi Netanyahu is at the helm of the Likud Party and soon to be Israel’s Prime Minister (for the 3rd time); there will be peace because Hamas will be wiped out.

  4. Hello, first time posting on this blog, I agree with Joe Garcia, young Cubans and Cuban Americans need to be going back in large numbers every single weekend, it is the quickest way to make Cuba a civil society. The embargo should be kept in place as a leverage tool. In the meantime, we need to be going back and drinking beer with our relatives and friends and changing and influencing their way of thinking. Last week, I was visited by a member of the partido in Cuba who was visiting his relatives in the United States, after spending a weekend with him, he went back to Cuba knowing that his thinking had been wrong all these years, “le abri los ojos’. The only way we will change minds is by being inside Cuba. We Cuban Americans must begin comingling with our fellow Cubans on the Island. Fidel should be irrelevant on this issue. Im sure that if Cubans started to go back in large numbers, the Cuban government would attempt to prevent it because it would be effective. I dont care about what Republicans or Democrats think on this issue. We need to become part of Cuba to have an impact.

  5. The problem is that part of that argument is theoritical. It’s based on the belief that fidel can be made to be irrelevant. As I mentioned on the show last night we’ve had a lot of Cubans return to Cuba to visit in the last 28 years and fidel still rules the roost. What is a FACT is that the regime profits from exile travel to Cuba and remittances. Nobody can argue that. It sounds all so easy but I think the tourist revolution in Cuba is pie in the sky.

  6. Roberto,
    Your argument has much merit. However, history has proven that this course of action doesnt necessarily work. That is, Cubans have been returning to Cuba since 1979. That’s almost 30 years of “abriendo ojos” and there’s absolutely nothing to show for it.
    there are still political prisoners, the highest amount in the world per capita. There are still violations of human rights, there are still actos de repudio. And I have yet to hear on one Cuban exile or Cuban-American that has gone back and PUBLICLY denounced the castro regime. Whats the point of going back and telling our family ontheisalnd to demand or work for change if the minute you step onthe island you are forced to act exacty like natives?

  7. Can someone name one thing Joe said last night that we haven’t heard before? Because if he did, I missed it.

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