The Babalu Radio Hour – Tonight at 8 – Call (646) 652-4506

Tune in to our internet radio show at our normal time: 8:00 PM EDT on BlogTalk Radio.
A variety of topics will be on the agenda tonight — plus whatever else is on your mind. We’re going to try to take a lot of calls tonight. The call-in number is (646) 652-4506. Or if you are shy you can drop us an email here.
Click the image below at 8:00 PM eastern to hear the show live. Make sure to reload that page at 8:00 PM or you won’t see the “listen live” button you need to click.


3 thoughts on “The Babalu Radio Hour – Tonight at 8 – Call (646) 652-4506”

  1. Some thoughts for considering:
    Reportedly Corral was busted for soliciting oral sex from an 18-year-old female hooker. This is crazy. I mean, if he’d been trolling for something seriously kinky that he simply couldn’t get at home, especially if he had some kind of fetish or something, that would make marginally more sense. We’re not even talking creative use of a cigar here, a la Lewinsky-Clinton.
    But he’s going to risk his name, job and marriage for some measly quickie BJ? What if the girl had turned out to be 17? I doubt he asked to see her driver’s license. The risk-benefit ratio was way too high here. If he’s guilty as charged, he’s got seriously bad judgment, unless we’re talking addictive/compulsive behavior. It’s also possible this is not an isolated incident, but that he might have done it enough times before to feel it was not unduly risky.
    Anyhow, here’s something lifted fro the New Times blog Riptide:
    Asked about Oscar Corral, the reporter accused of soliciting a prostitute this past Friday, Miami Herald editor Anders Gyllenhaal had only a few words: “It’s an unfortunate situation. Oscar says this stems from a misunderstanding and the paper backs him up on this.”
    Asked by Riptide whether Corral was, um, working on a story at the time, Gyllenhaal responded: “I have no further comment.”

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