From Los Angeles – Perez Hilton Hearing Very Loud Dead-castro Rumors

FWIW – Blogger Perez Hilton, who gets seven million hits a day for his coverage of celebrities, tells us he’s hearing very loud dead-castro rumors from his Miami sources. He hasn’t been able to confirm it for sure either, but he says it’s never been like this before. National Post tracked him down and got an interview here.
Though he’s not first with this news because Babalu is, what he’s hearing may be worth something because he’s an independent source with powerful contacts of his own. To his credit, he;s Cuban-American, his family fled the bearded beast and he hates castro as much as we do. See what he has here.
UPDATE: Canada’s National Post has recognized Babalu‘s diligent dead-castro watch and updated its post with links. Hat tip: A Babalu reader who knows who he is.