Rumors and realities

Still nothing on the death of the bearded bastard as of this morning. Made lots of phones calls and sent plenty of emails last night and either mum’s the word or know one knows anything. As you all know and as Ive said here a bazillion times, we wont really know a damned thing about the death of fidel castro until the Cuban regime is damn well ready to release the information. That’s the reality of the situation.
Still, though, at least at our home last night, even an unconfirmed rumor of the death of the bearded bastard made for a rather pleasant Friday night.
Right after I received that call from my source, the first thing I did wasnt run to the computer to blog the news. No. I called my old man and my mom, just because.
What did you all do?

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  1. Talked to Mom. Last time I get excited about rumors. We look kind of foolish feeding these rumors every 6mos. While I am hopeful for his demise I bet Cuba loves our letdown.

  2. I resisted the urge to make phone calls until I knew it to be true for no other reason than I didn’t want to jinx it.
    Perhaps a bit too superstitious, pero por si las moscas.
    Oh well, he has to die some day. Not even he can avoid it.

  3. I came across the blog last night around 10pm I was getting ready to go out even debated if I should stay in. I called my Tia Elvira…who never really sleeps listening to Martha on Radio Mambi to call me at anytime to let me know…needless to say i never got a call…but every drink last night was to CUBA LIBRE! So my hangover remedy today? OJ and wishful thinking!!!

  4. I came across the blog last night around 10pm I was getting ready to go out even debated if I should stay in. I called my Tia Elvira…who never really sleeps listening to Martha on Radio Mambi to call me at anytime to let me know…needless to say i never got a call…but every drink last night was to CUBA LIBRE! So my hangover remedy today? OJ and wishful thinking!!!

  5. I went to Samba room last night to celebrate my B-day with a steak & bottle of fine red wine as my wife nagged me about the dangers of drinking execcesively! Thank God the music was really loud!

  6. As always I’m trying to figure out what is going to happen next so I can see if we can exploit it for our efforts to free the Cuban people.

  7. i prepared the champagne flutes and started cooking. I made arroz con mariscos and a flan. I guess we can have it for lunch or dinner today. I also called my sister who lives just a few minutes away, for plans on how to give the news to our parents, they are both in their 80’s and we decided that we would go in person to tell them and not over the phone. I stayed up until about 4am but then sleep set in. I still think he is dead, it is just the waiting for the “official” news that gets to me. They are probably holding off because of Hurricane Dean, they would not be able to handle two major events at the same time. If we have waited this long, what’s a few more days or even hours, to get the news. I just don’t know what to cook next time!!!!

  8. Called my mom and stayed up waaaaay late, but no news on the telly. Told mom she’s getting her wish — he’s leaving before she does.
    “Aniquilaste a otro, mami” ~ she’s survived so many other people when no one thought SHE would, but this one is the big fish for her.

  9. After i heard the rumors here, I called my dad and I told him que tenia un presentimiento that Fidel was going to die this weekend, If the news became official I wanted to look like Walter Mercado. Then he saw Fidels daughter on channel 41 speaking about the rumor and he called and said que yo era un descarao and asked if I knew what the lotto numbers were going to be. Anyway, we are enjoying his last days with a typical Cuban sense of humor, we’ll continue to laugh and enjoy his horrible last days, its making up for the seven years he spent in Boniato as a political prisioner

  10. Roberto, men like your father know the beast. Tell your dad gracias for having the balls and principles to do what he did. We lead comfortable and spoiled lives, and are able to do what we do thanks to men like him. It pains me that there are so many willing to let him slide and give him cover.

  11. Saturday, August 18, 2007
    La muerte de Fidel Castro
    De acuerdo a fuentes dentro de Cuba, la situacion entre la alta jerarquia es de gran tension. Randy Alonso Falcon, moderador del programa de la television cubana “Mesa Redonda” y sus invitados regulares del Ministerio del Interior no han aparecido en los ultimos tres dias. Las mismas fuentes reportan el estado de desconcierto del equipo de dicho programa. Las facciones de Raul Castro estan preocupados y en conflictos con las fuerzas del Partido encabezado por Ricardo Alarcon.
    Altos oficiales del MININT han sido arrestados. Los telefonos de altos funcionarios del gobierno han sido desconectados, incluyendo al MININT. La Mesa Redonda esta proyectando documentales sin ninguna participacion de su moderador o invitados. El Noticiero Nacional esta leyendo las supuestas reflexiones de Fidel Castro con desanimo y desconcierto visible.
    La policia de la Habana se encuentra en “Estado de Alerta”, especialmente en El Malecon bajo la excusa, sin precedente, de proteger a los ciudadanos del posible oleaje que traeria el huracan Dean. Planes para intimidar a los disidentes a que se mantengan dentro de sus casas ha sido puesto en vigor.
    Las fuentes han enfatizado que ciertos elementos en Miami estan siendo utulizados por Ramiro Valdez como “medidas activas” para crear la imagen de que los Estados Unidos estan “conversando” con la alta oficialidad dentro de Cuba. Es todo lo contrario, ciertas facciones dentro de Cuba son los que estan enviando mensajes a EE.UU, de ahi la desconfianza dentro de las fuerzas del poder en Cuba.
    La noticia que saldria de Cuba el viernes ha sido cancelada. Estan en el proceso de anunciarla hoy o en los proximos dias. Yo creo que primero tienen que atar todos los cabos.
    El principio del Fin
    Posted by Juan Cuellar at 11:03 AM 0 comments Links to this post
    Signs of the death of Fidel Castro
    According to sources inside Cuba, the situation is very tense at the top level. Randy Alonso Falcon, has not hosted the daily TV program “Mesa Redonda” with their frequent guest from the MININT, for 3 days. The sources in Cuba reported that they are in disarray about the death of the tyrant. Raul Alarcon factions are struggling. Many high level officers are being detained. The Internet has been canceled in government departments, including the MININT. The telephones of high members of the apparatus has been disconnected. The Mesa Redonda is running in “automatic”, showing documentaries without their host or guest. El noticiero is reading in its entirety Las reflexiones del coma-andante with an unusual mood.The Police is in “high alert” in Havana, especially in El Malecon under the “unprecedented” pretense of protecting the people from the prospects of high waves by hurricane Dean. Plans for intimidating dissidents groups not to appear publicly is underway.
    The sources emphasize that certain elements in Miami are being “utilized” as “active measures” by Ramiro Valdez. The USA, as this elements proclaims, is not communicating with the “high power” in Cuba, is the other way around by some factions. The news that supposedly was coming from Cuba Friday, has been canceled. They are in the process of announcing it today or in the following days. I guess they have to tie any loose ends left. The beginning of the end.
    Posted by Juan Cuellar at

  12. Last night CNN yes CNN had a report on political prisoners in Cuba, and that news posted here about collectiong copper for a monument seem to suggest that Fidel Castro is either dead or dying, However, little brother is still around, as is Ramirito

  13. Juan,
    Thanks for the info. I just Googled one of my favorites: “Fidel Castro + Death”.
    Val, thanks for the update. As the “Governator” says, “I’ll be back.”
    My best wishes to all of you who have suffered so much, from we lucky ones who have not.

  14. Esto me lo acaba de enviar un amigo con un comentario suyo y lo comparto con ustedes por su implicacion en relacion al tema.
    “Parece que el desmoronamiento es CASI total, cuando permiten una ‘corriente trotskista’ dentro de Cuba…….la cual (by the way) parece estar manejada por Hugo Chavez !!
    MUY interesante !!
    Seria una forma de Chavez de influir o alterar el “balance de fuerzas” dentro de Cuba……
    Notese la equiparacion del Che con Trotsky (y por ende..FIDEL con STALIN)”
    This video interview with Cuban Trotskyist Celia Hart was conducted in an hotel in Havana. I’ll be writing it up for the next issue of Socialist Resistance. The camera work isn’t quite John Ford standard. It’s rather dark and there is background noise including a guest appearance from a very loud coffee machine plus a musical interlude. Celia speaks in Spanish but there is a translation provided for which thanks are due to Maddy.
    We talk about Celia’s invitation to Caracas by the Venezuelan government to attend a conference on Trotsky . The second video is a clip of Celia on Telesur with Trotsky’s grandson Esteban Volkov talking about it. We raise a glass to celebrate Fidel Castro’s 81st birthday and discuss both his role and what happens next. As you may imagine there is some desire in Cuba to follow the Chinese model following Castro’s death. Celia explains why this would be a disaster and describes Che Guevara as Cuba’s Trotsky.

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