Portuguese Documentary about Cuba

Fantomas sent me a link to this Portuguese documentary about Cuba. It begins talking about the Cuba that the world knows (or thinks it knows). The Cuba that educates foreign doctors and treats for patients for free. But don’t be fooled, the journalist did not shirk her responsibilities like so many American journalists do. She did what Matt Lauer failed to do and talked to members of the political opposition including Marta Beatriz Roque and Guillermo Fariñas. Unfortunately the documentary is in a mix of Spanish and Portuguese with alternating subtitles. No English.

4 thoughts on “Portuguese Documentary about Cuba”

  1. Fantomas y Henry – Gracias por el video – Hoy, hay la esperansa que las cosas van a empezar a cambiar muy pronto. Que Dios ampare a todos los Cubanos en la isla y afuera.

  2. Oh, great. Now it’s Portugal doing what Spain should have been doing from day 1. Thank you, Portugal. FUCK YOU, Spain.

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