8 thoughts on “Mondays Suck”

  1. I do, indeed.
    And that’s even taking into account the fact that, as a night/weekend worker, Monday is, in effect, my Saturday. That’s how much Mondays inherently suck.

  2. My new schedule has me off Sundays and Mondays, instead of slaving over a hot telephone doing tech support. For now, Mondays aren’t so bad.

  3. No, on Mondays I remind myself I’m blessed to have a job, hands and eyes to drive in rush hour, and health to labor to provide for the needs of my home. And the home awaits after work.
    One down, 4 more to go till the weekend.

  4. No! I love Mondays and every day that I wake up and G-d has returned my soul to me. He blessed me with another day to make the best of. One day closer to a FREE CUBA!

  5. OK, I take that back and I’ll tell you why THIS Monday Sucks!
    As some of you know, I’m a pastry chef (happily retired), and an avid foodie. I get today’s mail….and there it is. September’s issue of Gourmet Magazine. Quickly, I fling the rest of the mail aside. Because, I CAN’T WAIT to rip open the plastic and delight myself. Especially after Ruth Reichl took over as editor(She was THE CRITIC every chef had to impress in NY or else).
    So I’m thumbing and flipping through the pages. Just a teaser, for when I can really take time out to READ IT FROM COVER TO COVER. This one is a Special Issue: Latino America. WOW! Getting more excited! For sure there has to be a write up on GREAT CUBAN FOOD! I went straight to page 180. “Exiles On Main Street”. Ooooh, this is going to be good! And then… my heart sunk, my stomach turned, I closed the magazine and thought about cancelling my subscription. Who’s the author? Well… none other than Mr. Ed!#*^&%!$%^&
    Of all the wonderful writers, especially others more qualified, food critics, cookbook authors. I can think of at least 3 that live HERE!
    They chose HER! UGH!
    Ruth…..la cagaste. Yep, this Monday SUCKS A BIG ONE!

  6. ANA MENENDEZ! The Anti-Cuban. The one who prides herself on crapping, uh, no, I meant insulting the Cuban Exile Community. Right here, in the Capital del Exilio. On the pages of Miami’s great pooper scooper….. The Herald!

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