Making it all worthwhile

So, Im on my way back to the office from a meeting and I get a call from the office:
“We’re out of Cuban Coffee!”
“OK, ” I say. “I’ll pick some up on the way.”
I then stop at a local supermarket, pick up the Cafe and a bag of sugar and head for the check out. When I get there I hear someone say “You’re Val, right?”
I look over the register and there’s this tall, young guy there smiling at me. “Yeah,” I say. His face looks a bit familiar, but I dont think I know him.
“I read your blog every day. Thanks for all the work.”
I’m humbled right then and there. “Thank you,” I say and ask him his name. “You look a bit familiar to me.”
“My name’s Larry,” he says. “We met once at Cuba Nostalgia. By the way,” he says. “That video you posted the other day was awesome. I’ve emailed it to a bunch of people.”
“It’s awesome,” I respond. “I too have emailed the shit out of it.”
We chat for a few more seconds, I thank him for his support and head off back to work.
And as I walk out of that supermarket, I realize I leave with more than just a few pounds of cafe and a bag of sugar. I leave with the knowledge that all the work we all put in here is essential and that the reality of Cuba is getting out there. It may be a trickle, it may be more. But it’s getting out there and it’s not just from the “old generation” of exiles.
I am beaming with pride right now, and smiling ear to ear.