Cuban journalist released from prison

Cuban independent journalist Armando Betancourt Reina was released from prison on Monday, after completing a 15-month sentence for being a “public disorder.” (He was arrested in May 2006 while covering the eviction of some poor residents from their housing.
More than ever, the journalist now is better suited to tell the real stories of the real Cuba, especially the castro brothers’ gulag, telling Cuban Democratic Directorate:

“This 15-month imprisonment has been an important experience. Although it might not have caused me psychological damage because it was a short time, it was a time where I was able to experience firsthand the situation and living conditions of Cuba’s prisoners.”

For instance, Betancourt says he saw this:

“Guards continue beating prisoners, and they do it in such a way that other prisoners do not see it, so that it will not become known around the world. They take them out of the cell block and take them to a separate location. They beat them, take them to isolation cells and return them to the cell blocks when their bruises are gone. I was there and lived it. I can confirm that human rights are being violated in Cuban prisons now as they always have been.”

With Betancourt’s release, there are now 29 independent journalists in Cuban jails.

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