Obama Roquana Dana (UPDATED)

Here’s a message for Joe “Vote for Obama” Garcia:
If getting the Cuban-American vote to swing for Obama is what youre trying to accomplish, the last thing you need, and trust me, it’s definitely the last thing you need, is Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque – arguably one of the most abhored members of the Cuban government, to publicly state he’s of the same mindset as the Democratic Presidential wannabe candidate:

BRASILIA (Reuters) – Cuba’s foreign minister on Wednesday said he welcomed a call by U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to ease the U.S. embargo on the communist-ruled island.
In an opinion piece on Tuesday in The Miami Herald newspaper, the Illinois senator and top rival to front-runner Hillary Clinton proposed easing restrictions for Cuban exiles to travel to the island nation or send money home.
“These declarations appear to express the sentiment of the majority of the United States,” Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said when asked to comment on Obama’s proposal.

And another thing, Joe, and Ill add your media cohorts to the following, this community is not “deeply” divided on the embargo as this article implies. Just because a few “journalists” and associated useful idiots – a very few, mind you – keep repeating the same falsities over and over and over again, it does not make them gospel.
You can believe me, or you can continue your present campaign and be in the “L” column come election time.
Val brings up great point which I had thought of but not articulated. And that’s that members of the Cuban hierarchy would eventually begin to endorse the positions of these “progressive” candidates which kind of goes back to the idea I presented to Garcia:
It’s not enough for people to examine the policies proposed by legitimate anti-castro folks based on the misguided idea that the regime will allow us to introduce the Trojan horse that will magically bring change to Cuba but we also have to look at who else is carrying the banner for those policies. Often it’s the unabashed fidelistas and in this case it’s actually members of the regime.
With friends like those, who needs enemies. When Granma is defending Oscar Corral, that can’t be good for Oscar Corral. When Felipe Perez Roque endorses your proposed Cuba policy that can’t be good for you.

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  1. Just because YOU don’t think the community is deeply divided on the embargo, doesn’t mean it’s true.
    Maybe I can get you to believe that at the very least the community is deeply frustrated with progress in Cuban relations. We have been for 48 years now. I dare you to find somebody who’s happy with how we are dealing with things.
    Outside of Canal 41 and Radio Mambi, the sons and daughters of Cuban dissidents do not agree with your non-functioning policies. We are not still living under the deception that democrats are bad because Kennedy and Clinton failed us when it counted.
    Your strategies are failing the current people of Cuba because you are not willing to budge. You probably undoubtedly support the government of China, naively and unremorsefully, I suppose, when they are as guilty Fidel at oppressing their people.
    China is changing thanks to our money and so will Cuba. Just because the only Cubans willing to talk about politics live in the echoing Mambi bubble, where they sound they love most, their own voices, repeats itself forever more, doesn’t mean that Miami voters hear it.
    Ileana’s never done a damn thing for our country and her and cronies will scream for change from afar and act surprised when nobody on the island heard them.
    I dare you to look at the comments on the Op-ed in the Herald.
    We need change, we don’t need Ms. Clinton and we need hope.
    No more come-mierderia and self-serving false promises in ’08. Go Obama!

  2. A MISeducation is an exceptionally adequate name.
    We are eager to know what outrageous percentage of dissident offspring (who were born, raised and brainwashed under the MISeducated and repressive communist machine) are camping out outside media outlets, rather than shopping for the wonderful Yuma designer labels they so love at the malls.
    China is repressive, oppressive, and run by a small number of wealthy communist bureaucrats, some military and others not, who have become filthy rich as a result of AMERICA’S willingness to give them preferred trading status, and nothing more. Take that away, and they would have continued their miserable, backward ways in the squalor brought about by their red revolution. Get a grip.
    All the money and business poured into China has raised the standard of living somewhat for a tiny portion of the population, at the expense of a lot of other things; but it has NOT brought them an ounce of freedom, no free elections, no freedom of the press, no free religious expression, no freedom to peacebly assemble, and no rights to post stupid comments on a blog.
    As for the divided community, the only people I know who talk about the divided exile community are those actively engaged in dividing it.
    “L” column sounds good to me.

  3. I smell an agent provocateur. If you want to believe there’s a huge schism in the exile community which is based on dissatisfaction with the embargo and the travel restrictions, fine believe it. But that doesn’t make it any more true than the tooth fairy. Of course it looks that way with institutions like the Miami Herald and the Donkey Party telling us all the time. But look at the exit polls for the last few election cycles. There is no mass exodus from the Republican party, the hard line, or the embargo. Like I said keep on believing. Whatever floats your boat.

  4. I don’t know if you have any family in Cuba, but I’m pretty damn sure I’d prefer them have the standard of living in China then that of Cuba.
    The standard of living in Cuba is more like North Korea than China. I can go to a supermarket, buy a computer and buy a car in China. I actually do have the freedom to post a stupid comment on a blog, it just gets deleted instantly. I couldn’t have found the blog in the first fucking place in Cuba.
    The reason Perez Roque is even supporting the idea is to continue hammering his point to the Cuban people that the US is evil because of the embargo. What rock will he and the rest of those jerkoffs hide if the embargo goes away?
    It won’t “magically bring change” to Cuba, it will give hope and when that fucker finally falls it’ll definitely help us set the wheels in motion to make permanent change. No one is saying that this will work for sure, only that doing what we’re doing now will NOT work for sure.
    And as for this wonderful line: “As for the divided community, the only people I know who talk about the divided exile community are those actively engaged in dividing it.” It’s hypocritical, ignorant and manipulative.
    You’re actively dividing me and the people who posted comments on the Miami Herald article by disenfranching our opinion. Second, being able to actively divide our populous is what makes us better than el Granma. Third, the whole statement practically means “people with this opinion don’t count because they want us all to disagree on this issue we made up our minds about years ago.”
    You are manipulating people into not having discussions and taking a stand. You’re holding foreign policy about Cuba hostage by saying that if you don’t say the same thing that Mambi says, you’re a Perez Roque cohort.
    There is a middle ground people.

  5. “Comunistas en la sopa”
    Awesome job, dude! Everyone who disagrees with you is a communist. So creative of you!
    The whole democratic party? Communist!
    Listen to somebody who doesn’t agree with you without smearing him, asshole.

  6. Obama is trying to distance himself from the other Demo candidates and is being incredibly naive in his comments on Cuba. He needs to be educated about all the jailed Cuban dissidents, especially those of African heritage. How about we barrage his web site with info?

  7. Hillary respond to Obama’s Cuba position.
    CLINTON: In response to Obama’s comments that the US should move toward normalizing relations with Cuba — if the country takes steps towards democracy — Clinton responds in a statement: “Until it is clear what type of policies might come with a new government, we cannot talk about changes in the U.S. policies toward Cuba,” reports the AP’s Hispanic Affairs reporter Laura Wides-Munoz.
    It looks like the Clinton campaign has joined the Obama camp in ramping up their traveling press operation. With so many reporters on the verge of hitting the trail on Sept. 3rd, there’s no time like the present to beef things up. Bill Clinton spokesman Jay Carson will become Hillary’s new traveling press person. Carson has the added authority with the Clinton campaign that he’ll have Bill’s ear. The again, is that a danger? Bill Clinton now has direct access to the traveling press aide?

  8. “Well with a few exceptions, yes they are all all commies, ah.. tu madre hijo de puta comunista”
    Tell it like it is, Joe McCarthy!

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