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  1. Ay ay ay. Quit jerkin everyone around, give us something good and substantial all ready. I got a load of home made fireworks I saved from Sao Joao and the kids are just dying to set them off all ready.

  2. I’m loading up the car for my trip to Tampa. We are leaving this afternoon. The first thing I did was put my bottle of champagne in a cooler and it will be sitting next to me in the car just waiting for the news!

  3. While I hope he dies any minute (or if it is announced that he’s already dead), I’ll be in Detroit all weekend so someone will have to drink the last bottle of champagne left in Miami with me no sooner than Monday night.

  4. I’m warming up, too. And lest you think I’m a fat lady, what I’m doing is probably more properly described as getting in training: starting with a mirco-brew called Sawtooth, working up to the champers.
    I didn’t realize you were such a tease, Val.

  5. Right about now I bet raulita is in a drunken stupor crying about how the 11 million slaves may soon be lynching a few castros!!!

  6. Val;
    Should I cook today for Shabbat instead of tomorrow? It’s hard to cook when you’re drunk and worse, when you have a hangover. That’s the problem with champagne, da un peo del carajo!
    No matter how expensive, they ALL give you a massive hangover.
    BTW, do any of you have good hangover recipes?

  7. Jewbana
    For the hangover, what I have tried and it works for me, but it seems to work better when your are hungover on beer than other liquor is this:
    It works best with “Guarana Antartica” (a Brazilian soft drink) or “Colombiana” (Colombian soft drink), but I have tried it with Pepsi and Sprite, with no problems.
    Fill half a glass of the soda, the other half beer. Drink up. The soda masks/ cuts the beer, but the beer puts alcohol back into your system, so your body does not suffer withdrawal.

  8. I prefer to take a shot and get it over with 🙂
    Maybe some IronBeer and Bacardi (Un Wajiro Libre)

  9. Jewbana –
    For the hangover – torrejas with some very strong Cuban coffee. But let’s jump off that bridge when we come to it, shall we?
    Val, you’re taunting now…

  10. Val,
    What’s up with this post, man? Are you sitting on some information or letting your excitement get the better of you? Should I get the champagne and the tequila ready for this weekend?

  11. Daniel;
    I don’t like beer. I only use it to make arroz con pollo. Anything else?
    I think I’m going to call my doctor and let him know that I’m getting ready to drink more bubbly than my system can handle. Maybe I’ll end up at the emergency room with a champagne overdose.

    The Associated Press
    El convaleciente mandatario Fidel Castro está “muy bien y disciplinado” en la recuperación de una operación intestinal realizada en 2006, afirmó el jueves el canciller cubano Felipe Pérez Roque.
    “Fidel está muy bien y disciplinado en su proceso de recuperación”, dijo brevemente Pérez Roque a los periodistas en Brasilia, donde está de visita.
    Agregó que “con los dirigentes del partido de gobierno en Cuba su contacto (el de Castro) es permanente”.
    Castro, de 81 años, dejó temporalmente sus funciones debido a la operación en julio del 2006. Castro, quien encabezó la revolución armada de 1959 que depuso al dictador Fulgencio Batista, había gobernado Cuba por casi 48 años cuando sorprendió al país el 31 de julio al ceder temporalmente el poder a su hermano menor y ministro de Defensa, Raúl.
    El verdadero estado de salud del histórico dirigente cubano se mantiene como secreto de Estado, mientras sus enemigos especulan sobre el futuro de Cuba sin su presencia y esporádicamente corren versiones sobre su suerte.

  13. Redneck:
    Ironbeer!!! That is something I really miss!! Every weekend I would have a Sarrussi and an Ironbeer..

  14. I just bet fifo is stiff as a board and full of embalming fluid.
    If not…. It’s still a nice thought!
    I have a nice bottle of bubbly cooling in the fridge with a nice not on it “Do not Open Until Fifo’s Death.”

  15. Proof he is dead from Granma – “There are many important and proven facts that I could add, but I wish to be brief so that these words may be transcribed and published by the Cuban press… ”
    When has Fidel ever been brief? LOL

  16. Dude, if you know something spill it. If not quit leading us on. If you have unconfirmed rumors about something then either say they are unconfirmed or don’t say anything.
    I know its your blog, but you got to know this is an emotional thing for a lot of people.
    On a side note, don’t you think if they were really going to make an announcement that Roque would be in Cuba? I figure they’d want all their henchmen ready.
    Either way thanks for the blog.

  17. Val, nobody likes a fifo tease.
    Now I am so stressed out about you messing with us that I have to go have a drink.
    Any old reason will do, really.

  18. i dont know… the same thing happened last time and my family thinks im crazy because i have been telling them everytime news like this comes out. now they dont believe me which is causing me to not believe anyone who tells me things like this. i have been up and no one has said anything

  19. Just got home and still no news. They can´t keep him on ice indefinitely. Meanwhile we just opened a bottle of wine. For the occasion, I agree with Alberto, we´re drinking everything…

  20. The old man is cremated. He’s afraid that the Brujos that have circled him like vultures will take his bones and enslave his putrid soul into an eternity of servitude. I’d say, if he ain’t cremated, then into the Pot you go Fifo!

  21. ya no puedo mas… i need something to be said or me voy a cortar las venas… but for real you guys do you think i should stay up and wait for news or is it hopeless at this point in the night??

  22. The big problem IMHO, with announcing fidel’s death is many-fold:
    fidel’s death is a good excuse for the castro brothers’ creditors to seize anything in their country in fidel castro’s name as posthumous debt collection.
    Also, whatever Kennedy negotiated in 1962 to end the Missile crisis likely expires with fidel.
    If I were raul, I’d be damned hesitant to announce my late, unlamented brother’s death.

  23. Yeah, Pototo. Did anyone actually fall for Val having some sort of new info. When it comes to fifo news, it’s best to be from Missouri, the show me state. 🙂

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