Brainwashing (UPDATED)

One of my pet peeves — and I have many — is the way the media quietly brainwashes children. From kid’s shows and cartoons, to the news broadcasts he sees with us, my (almost) twelve year old son gets a lot of bogus information that is one-sided and wrong. I have had to correct him on several occasions when he has uttered an opinion that sounds remarkably like leftist “new speak” he heard on television. I don’t just correct him, though. I explain why what he is saying is wrong and give him examples from the real world. Being the bright boy that he is, he always goes away with a better understanding of the issue and a warning from me to beware the leftist/anti-capitalist BS he sees on television.
It helps, of course, that the parents have enough information to properly teach their children in a way consistent with the core conservative values of the United States and whatever religious affiliation they have. Parents are the front line in creating good citizens with good morals and a clear sense of decency. Knowing right from wrong is not as easy to teach as one thinks.
Having said all that, I present you with an image my friend Jeff sent me that is from the new CBS Television show KidNation. The show puts 40 kids in situations without adult supervision. (The guy who developed this show has issues, folks.) The bio of one of the kids appears below:


The question I have is: what the hell kind of home life did this poor child have so that at the age of 11 — my son’s age — he is already spewing communist propaganda? This breaks my fucking heart.
One more reason we will be glad when fidel is “officially” dead.
P.S., my son sports a Marine Corps buzzcut.
(H/T Jeff Baker)
UPDATE: Our constant reader Scott sends me this link from Variety. Hope the show is canceled.

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  1. This is plain sick. Another of the many reasons why my kids don’t watch anything that I have approved first. People say that I want to brainwash my kids. Someone will brainwash every kid in a sense. It just as well be me.

  2. What can you expect? That kid is from the Soviet Socialist Republic of Taxachussetts. A good friend moved there and he cited among the reasons, “So I can vote against Ted Kennedy.” And there you have it – a state that consistently elects people like Teddy and Barney Frank to office will produce students who, to use a politically correct phrase, have undergone a “thorough cerebral rinsing”. Needless to say, I don’t fault her, but her parents who must be comemierdas par excellence.

  3. This kid looks remarkably like the fourteen year old they have spouting good things about Che on the minibiography they keep running on the Military History Channel. Wonder if they’re related? mmmmm

  4. Maybe the kid is being raised by Ana Belen Montes’ mother ….. or a clone of hers.
    That’s the kind of wack job she did on Ana B.

  5. Everyone knows that the producers of reality TV shows pick the most controversial contestants, and that they often manipulate appearances to manufacture a plot. Probably the same deal here.

  6. The child’s pic was probably purchased on for $2.00 by the communist government agent and then some Habana Lacky wrote the scrib attaching the newly purchased pic.
    I am not easliy fooled but I think there is something fishy about this mature speak and the inmature look of the child. I dont know any kid who talks like this. IT’S A SET UP YA’LL!

  7. Dude, put a “don’t drink coffee while reading lest you spit and spray all over your laptop” warning on that. It is so ridiculous, no one could have made it up.

  8. Here’s another example of exploiting kids to promote a dictatorship:
    It’s a Cuban movie being shown at a library in Hayesville, NC and it’s being billed as a “family friendly movie.” The story is about a young girl who doesn’t want to go to the US with her mother and sets off on a trek across Cuba to find her father and convince him not to sign the release her mother needs to take her out of the country.
    It pits the “aristocracy” ancestry of her mother against her little friend whose family has “benefited” from socialism. The best paragraph, though, is the one where the reviewer talks about how much fun children watching this film will have watching the young protagonists riding in “antique cars” in Havana, oxcarts in the country and motorcycle sidecars. No mention, however, why all the cars in Havana are antique or why people have to use oxcarts in the country for transportation.
    Pure propaganda being sold as good, wholesome family fun.

  9. It’s the kind of home that entrusts the safety of their most precious possession into the hands of other children, and then signs a waiver forfeiting the right to sue if their child is injured or killed during the show. In other words, it’s an idiotic liberal family, and it’s no surprise that their kids ape the Communist playbook verbatim

  10. I just choose not to watch tv and only let kids watch Disney nick or sports. My 8 yr old doesn’t know or care about politics. He’s wiser than I am. He cares more about the marlins heat and dolphins. That’s all he is allowed to watch at my house.

  11. What parent in their right mind would even allow their child to participate in a ‘reality not really’ show in the first place?
    Oh yes, the ‘progressive’ tolerant and green type parents, of course.
    I’ll keep my kid home with me, monitor his TV/computer viewing, and make him brush his teeth thankyouverymuch.

  12. I’ll let my kids watch anything and when they see something as disgusting as this tripe on TV, I’ll fucking teach them better. This would be kids first lesson in dealing with ignorant assholes.
    This kid’s parents should need to spend an afternoon with my grandfather and get learned.

  13. Cigar Mike, Disney might be a tad bit more trustworthy now that Eisner is gone but Nickelodeon is the pre-MTV stage in some seriously undesirable social indoctrination.

  14. tom I like jimmy neutron and sponge bob don’t think there’s any indoctrination there
    Frankly I prefer those shows to the news

  15. They had this on Laura Ingraham a couple weeks back, with a few other gem commie pre-fabbed quotes from some of the other kids.
    As Laura said, they should just replace the word “Kid” with “The”.

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