We blew by the 2 million visitor mark. It took 3 years to reach 1 million and only 1 year to reach the second million. Thanks to all our readers who have made Babalu the most popular Cuba blog on the web. And thanks to Val Prieto for starting Babalu and creating such a wonderful gathering place for all of us that are interested in Cuban liberty.

11 thoughts on “Well…”

  1. Congratulations-and a great big muchisimas gracias for providing a bit of “CUBANIA” (accento sobre la “I”) to my daily life.

  2. You “blew by”? Is that a Freudian slip related to Oscar Corral’s solicitation of a teenage prostitute for a BJ? Corral’s “Cuban Connection” blog is “blown” after his arrest.

  3. A wonderful milestone and more than well deserved.
    Congratulations, Val. And to your wonderful contributors, may
    I express my appreciation for your valuable insights. You have
    educated this non-Cuban in countless ways.

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