What a night!

Ok. So once again – this must be like the millionth time – we were duped into the fidel castro is dead thing. But were we, really? Does anyone really think he’s still alive, all all of that hullaballooo?
Here’s my take, once again:
fidel castro is dead.
Take it to the bank.

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  1. The more “teasers” we get, the better the real celebration will be! The anticipation will be building all that much more. My guess is that if he’s not dead, he is basically a vegetable, kept alive by machines.

  2. There were no photos, videos, or even a sound bite of the self styled “Maximum Leader” on July 26th or his birthday. I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds that suspicious.

  3. I think these rumors are raul’s way of baiting would-be challengers to his authority to come out in the open so that he can take them out early. God knows how the island will react when the news is actually made official and if chaos erupts, raulito is going to have his hands full.
    I don’t think there will be an announcement until all the hatches are battened down and every security detail is worked out. In the meantime, he’ll keep watching carefully every time a rumor circulates to see who pops their head up for a look-see.

  4. I disagree with you on some things, we agree on others. But I am certain you would not post information like that without proof, without being sure. You’d be misleading your families, our families, on a very important issue. Alex from Palmetto did bring up an interesting point: a round up of dissedents would probably precede any “official announcement”.

  5. Machado tried the provocation thing in 1933. A rumor spread that Machado had resigned, the crowds came out to celebrate, and they were shot down. However, the lesson is despite getting last minute support from the communists, Machado fell very soon after that. Fabio Grobart -the senior stalinist agent in Cuba- went into a long involved explanation for that…BTW Grobart is said to have recruited both Castros between 1944 and 1948…

  6. Daniel:
    A round-up of dissidents would be a dead giveaway (pun intended), but notice that raul has released three political prisoners in the past couple of weeks. Perhaps the plan is to portray his regime as being more amiable to some democratic reforms and in doing so, getting international support when they come down hard on any possible pro-democracy demonstrations that may materialize after the announcement.
    I can hear Zapatero and his ilk now: “It’s better to have an orderly transition to democracy than bloodshed. raul is going to make some changes and now, more than ever, we need to support him and help him make a peaceful transition to a freer Cuban society.”
    I get sick just thinking about it.

  7. The sad thing to me is that at this point it doesn’t seem to make any difference except for justice being served on castro. Short of a spontaneous uprising upon an announcement nothing will change. It reminds me of the Wizard of Oz in a sense that the little monkies in the movie changed loyalties when the witch was dead. I hope this is the case when they formally announce the death. The only issue is when they will formally announce his death versus whether he is dead. Once they show the body then we will know if it will make nay difference. As for false alarms and rumors as I previously stressed it does challenge credibility when we do indeed need to call the brothers to arms. Regrettably cuba holds all the cards at this point.

  8. Val , no se tu..pero debido al fuerte rumor de ayer senti varias cosas inexplicables..
    while looking for info in the computer, making and receiving phone calls, I felt my heart going very fast..the level of exciment grew much more between 2.45 pm and 3pm.. What a beautiful rush? Not need of alchohol or drugs , to feel the extasis…
    la muerte de fidel es como una droga sin limites …lets do this every friday until the beast really dies…..
    All we need is Perez hilton , you and a few other bloggers to start the ball rolling…
    we are going to have a lot of fun while doin it

  9. In this context is far more precise to state and distinguish the “Castro government” rather than Cuba.

  10. He is dead, but he still speaks, writes and whips the rotting horse of his failed revolution. He can die a thousand deaths as far as I’m concerned.

  11. Personally speaking, I, also, think that Castro is dead or a vegetable in some hospital [sadly, vegetables can be kept “alive” for years]. This latest false alarm was so large that people were again celebrating last night a Versailles and the news made in onto the pages of our nemesis, the New York Times with an article that of course had a dismissive and condescending tone.
    All of these false alarms–as we all know– are started by the Cuban government to gage sentiments inside Cuba and to demoralize us here in exile, to exhaust us, to make us sick with disappointment and to give Castro an air of super human ability; i.e. he will never die even after undergoing an operation that would have killed anyone else his age, etc..blah, blah, blah…

  12. Personally speaking, I, also, think that Castro is dead or a vegetable in some hospital [sadly, vegetables can be kept “alive” for years]. This latest false alarm was so large that people were again celebrating last night a Versailles and the news made in onto the pages of our nemesis, the New York Times with an article that of course had a dismissive and condescending tone.
    All of these false alarms–as we all know– are started by the Cuban government to gage sentiments inside Cuba and to demoralize us here in exile, to exhaust us, to make us sick with disappointment and to give Castro an air of super human ability; i.e. he will never die even after undergoing an operation that would have killed anyone else his age, etc..blah, blah, blah…
    By the way, expect one of those video clips of Castro “looking vigorous” being released in the near future. After these false alarms, the Cuban propaganda ministry always releases these video clips or at the very lease one of his alleged blog editorials.

  13. I concur with Dave Sandoval – practice makes perfect – doesn’t matter that this was a tease – when the “official” announcement is made the celebration will be something like Miami has never seen before. And, all of us that live outside of Miami will have a well executed travel plan to join the PARTY!!!! Besides, we know the old bastard is dead – so it’s a win win situation as far as i’m concerned.

  14. Remember how much debt the Cuban government has gotten in over the years? I can fully see a panoply of castro’s creditors, even dear old Zapatero, furiously preparing “probate” paperwork to seize assets I am sure raul would otherwise need to maintain the regime.
    All they need is a death announcement.
    Don’t forget my tinfoil-hat theories as well about the expiring of political protections. Yes, it’s a guess, but IMHO an educated guess.
    Quite frankly, I don’t give a rip if the rumor this weekend was false or not. It puts pressure on the regime, and pressure is good. Press enough, and something will break.

  15. Whatever ….. justice will be served, as the hot welcome mat will be out for him in the furnace.
    (Rev. 20:14-15)

  16. I like the comment above about these rumors creating pressure on the Cuban government. I think that Castro has to make a public appearance now but don’t think he is able.
    My guess is that Castro is alive but on life support meaning he can die at any moment now either by pulling the plug or dying of natural causes.

  17. Daniel, “Alex from Palmetto,” a/k/a Gansibele, a/k/a whatever his name is (since he’s still hiding under his bed and doesn’t have the balls to use his real name), can take his opinions and shove them right up his communist ass. Please, if you have to mention him again, use a catchy pseudonym, like “the dialoguero from the palmetto.”

  18. If yesterday’s rumors have taught us anything, it is to VERIFY, VERIFY, VERIFY. Hindsight is 20/20, but the tip-off that nothing was going on was the lack of tangible activity from our government agencies. The feds are going to know about this well before we are, trust me. Talk and “chatter” mean little. Something as significant as the death of fidel and the mobilization of law enforcement by local and federal officials in South Florida will be hard to contain or keep secret once the machine starts to roll. I have to admit that I started to believe it at first, but when I saw and heard absolutely nothing from ANY media outlet, including those sympathetic to the exile community, I realized this was another dupe job.
    I couldn’t help but shake my head a little when watching news footage of people celebrating on Calle Ocho last night. I totally understand the emotions here, but my goodness…can’t we wait until it’s official so we can throw a REAL party? It’s not our fault, but we DO end up looking rather foolish in falling for the rumor time and time again.
    I apologize for sounding critical this morning, but a lot of this is personal frustration over yet another false rumor. My advice to myself and everyone reading this is next time to make sure we have solid, indisputable evidence. The guy may already be dead anyway, so we’re not going to win any points for getting the word out before he actually dies. Also, many of us here in Miami will be among the first to know due to our geographic location and demographics.

  19. He’s dead. I posted as much on my own blog. My speculative take on it is that some orderly or janitor at the hospital managed to see he was dead, so he called relatives in Miami to let them know, starting the rumors.
    The commie government, like all commie governments have done, will wait until they feel it’s the right moment to make the announcement.
    In the meantime, if anyone has connections with any taxidermists or embalmers in Cuba, check with them to see if they have been “asked” to order extra supplies for a “special assignment.”

  20. What’s this I’m hearing? there’s a rumor fidel is alive? the regime hasn’t officially denied the press reports coming out of La Habana that he was in “terminal phase”..and a foreign minister in foreign soil doesn’t count..Until the regime confirms the rumors castro is alive by producing a walking-talking-live castro-not memorex-he’s either dead or dying.

  21. At the very least, there’s very little doubt that he’s in the terminal phase of his illness and therefore incapacitated. Anything beyond that is pure speculation.
    It’s just a matter of time folks. Much sooner rather than much later. As Willy says…ya viene llegando.

  22. I also believe something big happened in Cuba behind closed doors. If the rumors are not true, show us proof. They have done it in the past. His first video with hugo chavez bedside, reading the newspaper, walking like a robot, interview with cara de piña, Randy Alonso, and the meeting los chino (no voice). When there has been rumors, they have been able to show us a video. Maybe this time castro is moon walking in the wideo.
    I don’t like to say things like this, but I have a close family friend who works at a high school and she told me that the staff of the school was called in last night for a special meeting. They were told that the nrumor has been confirmed. Only God know how the hell the news mad eit down to the school board. The part ids kind of “iffy” to me. They were also told to be on alert. What didn’t add up also was the fact that they are being told this on a Friday evening at a time when school is out until Monday. Let’s wait and see.

  23. First post ever.

    Last night I was doing a review of some web sites that were discussing the rumors about Castro’s death. I found some detailed/insidery posts that I wanted to share with you.

    On the Free Republic —

    “The networks are preparing for death of Fidel Castro.

    Writers, producers and most telling, union engineers and tape editors on expensive overtime stayed late at one network in NY tonight, updating Castro’s obit tape.

    In addition, both network owned and leased satellite uplink trucks headed for Miami fast tonight after covering the Lisa Nowak arraignment in Orlando.

    (From a journalist)

    “The Cuban Government on the 13th of August locked down information stronger than ever before…and with a local reporter stating that Fidel had fatal septicemia then another report leaks out “There is a report that four Cuban military personnel, including a major by the last name of Chuorio have been detained for investigating and discovering that fidel castro is dead.” Fidel most likely died around the 13th of August. (Copied to the Free Republic from another web site.

  24. I then googled “fatal septcemia” and ran across this excerpt the Reforma newspaper in Mexico –

    “Sources close to his family assure us his health is extremely fragile at the moment. In the past few weeks he (Castro) has been operated on more than once to stop what appeared likely to progress to fatal septicemia. These same sources say the leader has lost much weight, that he does not want to walk or receive visitors.”


  25. I also noted that fatal septecemia had to do with necrosis and found this post in Perez Hilton web site, of all places.

    839 – Juan P says:

    “He died last friday at 2:30 pm at Hospital…failed third surgery/

    “He had final recurence of Colorectal Carcinoma. This was oprerated several years ago now again recured. Last year during early July. First surgery went wrong. He had Severe case of Bowel Necrosis. Requiring the removal of the rest of his Colon. An Illeosty was left in place. But there were already Metastasis. That is why you have him using the red white and blue athletic jacket…to hide his Illeostomy and the feeding tubes. Why they not confirm the news is that no one can dare to tell the truth. No one has made a desicion since 1959

    “#840 – Robert Thompson says:

    “My brother is in the Cuban press (the state-run group) and says it well known that he is passed away but the government has yet to make an announcement (which is no surprise as Castro stubbornly and arrogantly ran his government). I think you’re right as I have heard from not one but THREE accurate sources in or around Havana who all are agreeing with him. Plus, the medical facilities which are all run with extremely stringent guidelines cannot speak to any press outside of the country, only the public relations director and he is just a puppet himself and will only speak to selected news stations the government approved. …

  26. fidel castro and Generalisimo Francisco Franco walk into a bar. . . .
    Ok, whoever (whomever?) comes up with the best conclusion for this joke, gets a T-shirt from Val.
    Since, it is Val’s T-shirt, and as he has not authorized me to make any such offer, Val has sole discretion whether any particular submission is even good enough to qualify for the prize.

  27. So, there are appears to have been a death crisis in Cuba the week of August 13-17th.

    BTW, a few months ago I read in a Spanish web site that some doctors from Spain had been called in to consult on Castro. It seems from that source – it was a few months ago, I don’t have the link – that Castro had some problem last July that required a colostectomy and did want to undergo this procedure. So his the Cuban doctors found an experimental procedure in N. Korea (of all places) that offered a way around it.

    That operation was a failure and the necrosis set in. That Spanish specialists couldn’t believe that Cuban doctors did not go with the more conservative approach on such an old patient.

    So maybe old Fidel, with his machismo, his recklessness, and his overweening pride in Cuban health care actually hurt himself. ??? Here’s hoping.

  28. I must say that my mother called me from the farmacia and I thought conjo she never calls me from work, and then she preceded to tell me to put on CNN and then I thought se murio el hijo de puta este a fin!
    But he has been dead since last week, se estan cagando!
    My spanish writing sucks, I should have listened better to MR. Perez en South Miami,
    But I think you know what I am saying.

  29. Las ratas no saben lo que hacer y ni donde esconderse – hasta que tengan sus planes de escape formulado no haran un anuncio “oficial” pero lo cierto es que la rata de dos patas el “difunto coma-andante” ya murio.

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