When the news of castro’s death is official …

Francisco Chaviano (Reuters photo)

… I wonder what men like former political prisoner Francisco Chaviano will think. How will they feel? What will they do?
Chaviano, and men and women like him, I am convinced, will save Cuba and build a better, freer nation. The announcement of castro’s death will be the first of many steps to make that possible.

4 thoughts on “When the news of castro’s death is official …”

  1. Just my opinion, but once the news is confirmed, and before we head off to celebrate however we may choose to celebrate; we should take a moment to say a prayer for Mr. Chaviano, and others like him in Cuba.
    We think we will be subject to strong emotions here for what was lost, what could have been, those who are no longer here to share the moment. But try to imagine what they will be experiencing: many of the same feelings, but also fear, confusion, that feeling in the pit of your stomach when it is time to act, and you aren’t quite sure whether you are up to the task.
    The word “hero” is too easily bandied about. I humbly submit that it applies to these men and women in Cuba.
    Thanks for the post Marc.

  2. Does anybody know if Francisco Chaivano is related to the talented Cuban American novelist, Daina Chaviano?

  3. Can we inundate the granma newspapers with question of Fidel death? Maybe they dont know, and we can let them know.

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